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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Drivers will be able to get rid of unnecessary papers

Drivers will be required to carry not three, as now, but only two documents: the insurance policy will no longer be included. Electronic document management in traffic police finally got to Russia. Possible, the innovation provoked by the massive appearance of false policies, which also has its own reason.


“Policy, unfortunately, we can not guarantee payments when the insured event, because the insurance companies find a hundred ways not to pay”

First Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the government Commission on ensuring road safety Igor Shuvalov has charged to prepare changes in traffic, allowing drivers to have a paper version of the insurance policy.

“Shuvalov instructed to prepare amendments to the traffic Rules associated with the preparation and submission of insurance”, – said the representative of the Secretariat first Deputy Prime Minister, reports “Prime”.

He explained that currently article 32 of the Federal law “On mandatory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles” sets forth the duty of the drivers to have an insurance policy of obligatory insurance and to transfer it for check to the police. At the same time, article 7 provides for the conclusion of the contract and the design of the policy in the form of electronic document.

The representative of the Secretariat Shuvalov added that in the framework of the instructions of first Deputy Prime Minister to clarify the order of actions of police officers when checking insurance policies in September was directed from the interior Ministry GUOBDD police to use electronic resources to connect to the databases of the Russian Union of motor insurers to rapidly identify the presence of CTP insurance policy.

The representative of the Secretariat emphasized that these changes will make life easier for car owners. He did not rule out that the use of electronic forms of insurance can reduce the cost of service due to the lack of an intermediary between the insurance company and the consumer, and also save time of the document execution and increase the transparency of the procedure.

“It is only necessary to bring the Rules of the road in accordance with the law on insurance, – commented the newspaper VIEW order Shuvalov, the President of Board of legal protection of car owners Viktor Travin. – The law on CTP gives the right to conclude a contract in electronic form, print from the website of the insurance company and carry that printout. Or not to take: any employee of GAI can punch through the system and find out whether the insured’s civil liability”.

Until now the item actually didn’t work. “A little they worked synchronously. Therefore, the policeman said: “Give me blue or green policy, all these your pieces of paper email I don’t understand.” And technically the inspector was right. And someone understood that the liability of the insured, and who cares what piece of paper. GAI even instructed not to touch those bringing electronic policy – they are legally concluded the contract of insurance. Just now synchronized the traffic rules and the law about insurance”.

“I do believe that in modern conditions the driver must not carry any documents, – told the newspaper VIEW Chairman of Movement of motorists of Russia Victor Pohmelkin. – This should apply not only to insurance policy, but driver’s license and registration certificate. It is an anachronism. The driver must have a driver’s license and registration certificate, and carry it with you – for it is not necessary to establish administrative responsibility, if it is possible to check the database that this person is the owner or inscribed in the insurance policy, or, in any case, no statement about the theft. By the way, in many countries and resolved this issue.”

The former head of traffic police, Vladimir Fedorov, the Senator said the newspaper VIEW that the fundamental objections against this idea, but it is necessary that the electronic system and the database was debugged. “To cancel something simple, but it will not be any disruption, and then there are the drivers to suffer due to this? he said the newspaper VIEW. – Not so long ago my buddy sued: he ensured that the car was. However, gave a certificate that the car is 38 times left on the roads of Moscow. When picked up the photographs, none of his cars had failed. So I’m in no hurry: debugged this system in one or two regions, and then spread to the entire country. The “Plato” shows: no need to hurry”.

Complain about fake

Last week the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) has announced that early next year will start checking the insurance policies with the help of cameras, photo and video fixation. This is due to the sharp increase in the proliferation of fake insurance policies.

“Any traffic police officer can check himself by going into the database AIS RAMI or requesting information via a dedicated channel. These checks are carried out more often. The use of fake insurance policy, including the presentation of his police, threatened with punishment up to imprisonment for up to six months. Therefore, those who consciously made a choice in favor of fake insurance policies, will soon have to return to the present”, – he said.

The project starts in Moscow, Kazan and other cities, and then spread to the whole country.

To scan in the first car, violating traffic rules (not respecting the speed limit, passing on forbidding signal of a traffic light). No fines will be coming to motorists who apply for insurance policy less than five days ago. It is this period allowed the insurance companies to make information about the policy into the database AIS RAMI.

The implemented system provides automatic checking of the policy owners car passing by camera photo and video recording. If the database AIS RAMI, which the traffic police will not discovered information about the policy, it will automatically be generated and sent fine the car owner, with exactly as many times as he rides past the cameras.

At the end of November in the insurance company “Rosgosstrakh” informed that the security service together with law enforcement authorities identified two of the gang, sold in Moscow fake insurance policies hull.

“Wasted money”

According to Viktor Pokhmelkin, a sharp increase in the number of fake insurance policies associated with a significant increase in the cost of insurance, “which is mostly perceived as unfair and unfounded: “This is the answer, of course, the best part of the driving community, but, nevertheless, response to the higher rates.

“You need to follow the position of the law on insurance that 80% of premiums spent on payment, – the expert believes. – Now it is not observed dramatically. In these conditions the increase in tariffs looks like a mockery. You need people to see that insurers do not Rob them, and act as partners have seen that when an insured event occurs, insurance companies are actively helping people compensate for their damage.”

Victor Travin considers that in a short time fake insurance policies will be more, and the responsibility he imposes on insurance companies themselves. “Many have realized that the policy is not saved from anything, except from the penalty for absence of the policy. Policy, unfortunately, we can not guarantee payments when the insured event, because the insurance companies find hundreds of opportunities not to pay. The rates are rising. So people understand that it is wasted money, so it’s probably best to run into the penalty if it determines that the liability is not insured than to pay 15, 20 thousand, and in return not get any guarantee payments,” said Travin.

Institute of insurance, in his opinion, is “shameful-deplorable condition. “For 10 years after the introduction of insurance in Europe insurance business flourished, rose to his feet and was just a pleasure for the owners. We have the same for 10 years, he actually died. Insurers used to cheat, take money but not to pay, and drivers have used this option to get around. I think this system should be changed drastically. The system itself is not built very well: the limit on damages. In Europe there’s no limit,” he concluded.


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