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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dmitry Gudkov down under article

Just three candidates to the state Duma on single-mandate electoral Tushino district of Moscow complained to the CEC on his opponent in the presidential race, Dmitry Gudkov. In an open letter to the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova says that representatives of the electoral headquarters Gudkov, like the underground, illegal pasting at night the public transport of dubious leaflets, thereby carrying out illegal campaigning.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Dmitry Gudkov

Because of these things the opposition does not in first time, for that has already been punished by the district electoral Commission, but now he faces serious penalties, up to criminal prosecution. As stated by the “MK” head of the expert center “traffic Jams.No” Alexander Shumsky no doubt that CEC will be able to “put in place” the brazen candidates to what party they belong to.

Obviously, methods of “Yabloko” Dmitry Gudkov finally got out of many candidates to the state Duma. Eleven candidates, and win in the Tushino district No. 206 needs one. Competition is fierce and the contestants, apparently, is not going to tolerate if someone is not playing by the rules.

Not accidentally a letter to the CEC with the requirement to take “urgent measures” against Gudkov was signed by the representatives of three different political parties: “Patriots of Russia” – the famous writer Eduard Bagirov, from the “Civic platform” – Alexander Shumsky and “Communists of Russia” – Peter Pakhomov.

From the document emerges very ugly picture. In late August, representatives of the election headquarters Gudkov produced a massive posting campaign flyers on boards placed on bus stops. Posters glued on top of advertising than, in the opinion of the authors of the petition, was financial harm not only to advertisers, but also the owner of the construction company “Artistic and production Association”, which is forced to pay its customers compensation.

“August 22 was illegally taped about 100 surfaces and 23-24 election headquarters Gudkov D. G. re-taped more than 70 stands, – told the indignant letter to the triumvirate. – The cost of placing the materials at a number of billboards is several million rubles, however, Gudkov D. G. carried out the placement of posters illegally without paying for it from funds of the campaign headquarters. Moreover, these materials are made with gross violations of the electoral legislation of the Russian Federation, because it does not contain are required to be published as the output.

It is interesting that the County Commission had previously Gudkov attracted to administrative responsibility for illegal placing of their propaganda materials. Competitors Gudkov is sure that such systematic actions as “cynical” disregard for the rights of ordinary voters and entrepreneurs, can contain elements of a criminal offence. At least, the “Art-production Association” has sent a statement to the Prosecutor.

“I’m going to the Duma not so much because it is so committed to legislative activities — I have, frankly, a lot of Affairs and plans, and because they do not want, that it was politicians like hooters. – wrote on his page on “Facebook” Eduard Bagirov. – I have got to watch for such deputies. I don’t like politics Gudkov, do not believe him and believe his empty YAP and clingy, which is absolutely not care about the country.

People, not knowing, not feeling, and, moreover, does not love Russia, has no moral right to claim public office positions. I also believe that people with high public podium to the whole world keeps talking about the fact that the Crimea should return to Ukraine, simply does not have to be represented in our Parliament. Let them moved to Kiev and was elected to the Parliament, there is such love, and Russia needs politicians, not the mindless robots”.

Gudkova it is for the opponent believes and has promised to “beat him with one hand”. However, his official campaign slogan “Bagirov against the pricks” author of the acclaimed book “migrant Worker”, “the Lovers”, “Idealist” supplied image is compressed in a fist with your right hand. Apparently, she had more of.

The head of the expert center “traffic Jams.No” Alexander Shumsky also thought it necessary specially for “MK” comment on this scandalous story:

“I expect a fair competition when candidates use polling technology allowed by law. According to information from the operator of advertising stands, these stands are Packed all the time, the account goes on tens, and even hundreds of surfaces. The situation that this is worth the money and if you get it for free, it becomes an unfair advantage for a candidate. The money saved will be spent on another campaign, thus, the participants of the election race will be at a disadvantage.

I look forward to the reaction of the CEC in the form of statements criticizing such behavior of staff of one of candidates, with the requirement to exclude such behavior in the future. Now the CEC is headed by Ella Pamfilova, a man with impeccable reputation, so no doubt she will be able to “put in place” insolent candidate, what party they belong to.

Review of a lawyer.

The partner of lawyer Bureau “Padva and Partners” Vladimir Sergeev:

“Manufacturing, distribution or placing of propaganda materials with infringement of requirements of the law qualifies as an administrative offence under article 5.12 of the administrative code. If the leaflets do not contain established Federal law, information about their circulation, date of issue, about payment of their manufacturing from means of corresponding selective Fund, etc., it shall entail imposing a fine on citizens in the amount from ten to fifteen minimum wage (SMIC); on officials – from twenty to thirty minimum wages; on legal entities – from five hundred to one thousand minimum wages. Part 2 of the same article stipulates additional penalties for the unauthorized posting without the permission of the owners of the advertising media.

In addition, article 76 of the Federal law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation” stipulates the statement of the election Commission of cancellation by court of registration of the candidate, including for violation of certain rules when conducting the election campaign”.


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