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Monday, March 19, 2018

Dmitry Chugunov: it is not going to change their methods

“In our activity we are limited only by the laws of the Russian Federation that we don’t disturb”, – commented the newspaper VIEW leader of Stopham Dmitry Chugunov Supreme court decision on the abolition of the legal liquidation of the movement. He stressed that the claims of the Ministry to its organization as a whole is fair, but formal, and promised to expand the activities of Stopham ” with the preservation of its methods.

The Supreme court overturned the decision in March this year, the decision of the Moscow city court on legal liquidation of the movement “Stopham”, which aims to fight against violators of traffic. This struggle was mainly limited to searching for violators of Parking rules (first of all, Park on the sidewalks) and the sticker on the windshield of the car sticker: “I don’t care Park where I want”.

“If we are not able to conduct financial and economic activity, this does not mean that we cannot conduct business as such”

About why the court reversed the elimination of Stopham”, and about the future plans of the movement of OPINION and talked with its leader Dmitry Chugunov.

OPINION: did the Supreme court decision you expected?

Dmitry Chugunov: Yeah, I was hoping and expecting, because in the last few weeks ago, when we were in the Supreme court – we presented arguments in confirmation of which it became clear that the decision of Moscow city court was, to put it mildly, wrong and unfair. A pause was taken. And here are our arguments were confirmed.

OPINION: what is it expressed?

D. H: it is Now clear that Russian Post notice (on the upcoming hearing, which addressed the question of the elimination of Stopham ” – approx. OPINION) was delivered late. On Friday evening it came to us in the mail, and on Monday I had a meeting of the Moscow city court on the question. Thus, it was violation of the order notice of the hearing. That is, to prepare for the case we do not physically have time.

The leader of Stopham Dmitry Chugunov argues that changes in the work of his organization is not (photo:Alexander Scherbak/TASS)

Accordingly, we were not present at the hearing and could not answer in fact claims to us. In this regard, the Moscow city court the decision was made, in our opinion, the most unfair – on the elimination of our non-profit organization. It’s the same thing if thrown out on the street a piece of paper suddenly got 25 years of strict regime.

The Supreme court considered all these arguments, found in our words some share of mind and decided, in our opinion, fair.

OPINION: what about the arguments of the justice Ministry, which claimed that you have not passed on time reports? The current law is a serious violation for non-profit organizations.

D. H: the Only one that caught the DOJ and what was the formal reason for the closure is a one – time failure to deliver two types of reports about their public and financial activities. Emphasize: a single non-delivery report.

But the fact is that financial activity, we reaffirm every year, handing over the report to the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of Finance directly the expenditure of presidential grants – and there is the most rigid reporting possible. And in fact, our public activities, no one raises questions.

OPINION: in addition to the Ministry of justice, who believes that you didn’t report on it.

D. H: the activities of the movement fully lit in all regions of our country. Every video receives a million views per week on YouTube and is posted in various social networking, news. Of course, formally the Ministry of justice is right, and we have taken this into account: we will fix the numbers and send them to the Ministry as a report on our progress.

OPINION: That is a new hearing of your case in the Moscow city court partially you acknowledge that you have violated?

D.C.: Of Course. Formal breach on our part was made. Another thing is that to us it was applied disproportionately to these violations punished. If, say, fine, we, of course, agree.

OPINION: When do you plan to reopen?

D. H: And we never stopped. Was the decision on closing of a legal entity. Only. A ban on the organization was not, because a public Association is not tied to the status of a legal entity. If we are not able to conduct financial and economic activity, this does not mean that we cannot conduct business as such.

OPINION: are you Going to change their methods, which partly could be the reason for the trial?

D. H: No, absolutely not going to. In our activity we are limited only by the laws of the Russian Federation that we do not break.

As for bias, we do not look at numbers when they place our stickers. I do not exclude that someone from the Ministry came. But, in any case, about any change of methods and the question. Moreover, next week we will announce the development of our project abroad. Where exactly – I will not say it will be announced in a separate announcement.


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