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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dmitry Bykov: “Mayakovsky is ideal for strong, but poisoned”

…After the impeachment of ex-President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff made — clear Portuguese in front of their companions. We would this speech have not noticed, if not bright and bitter quotation from a poem by Mayakovsky “well, Well!” 1927: “We got nothing to celebrate, but nothing to be sad. Rough water stories”. Surely they have their poets not, once the first person appeals to our genius of futurism? Asked about it, which is logical, Dmitry Bykov — the author of wonderful biographies of Vladimir Putin, recently saw the light.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Dmitry Bykov:

“Well, Mayakovsky traditionally very popular in Latin America, says Bykov, there is a cult it is comparable in part with the cult of Che Guevara. I have seen many times, and it happens mainly thanks to Pablo Neruda who knew Lilya Brik, he translated Mayakovsky’s partially in Spanish, Wake up… Do all the revolutionary poetry (and the Latin American continent, as you know, a purely revolutionary) can not be sent to the experience of Mayakovsky.

— As for the specific quote about the turbulent waters of history?..

— Mayakovsky, in principle, very convenient to oratory: very rhetorically convincing. He did, mainly, a rhetorical poet. And, of course, that the President, retired, reads Mayakovsky — is the best application for his texts. Because Mayakovsky is a combination of helplessness and power. And, if anything, force and destruction. He writes for people powerful by nature, charismatic and… caught in the situation of harassment. For them it is the ideal supplier quotes. “What Goliaths I conceived — so big and so unnecessary?” or “the Love boat has crashed against life, With you, we in the calculation, And not what the listing mutual pains, troubles and grievances”. And so on.

— That is, their she (the President) would not be able to rely on?

— Have their own there, of course. But poets such power and of such tragic intensity, of course, is not enough. You see, Latin American poetry, in some sense, much more traditional, culturocentric. There are great poets such as Gabriela Mistral, who will be challenged? The same Neruda. But still they are in relation to the Russian avant-garde more secondary and not so temperamental. I don’t want to belittle them, because, say, Guillen in Cuba — the poet, comparable to Mayakovsky, at least. And besides, at the expense of immigrants from Spain and Latin American poetry is pretty great rose. Leon Felipe (one of the classics of the XX century, too, left, and Akhmatova said that she envies him. Anyway, the Franco outlasted quite a few in Mexico, in Argentina…

But to such a scale as Mayakovsky has not risen one?

— No. Remotely you can compare it with Rafael Alberti… remotely. Why Dilma Rousseff made the right choice. Leaving.


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