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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dilma Rousseff left: impeachment under Mayakovsky

“Não estamos alegres, é certo, mas também por que razão haveríamos de ficar tristes? O mar da história é agitado. As ameaças e as guerras havemos de atravessá-las rompê-las ao meio, cortando-as como uma quilha corta as ondas”. His aborted impeachment tenure as the head of state, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff finished with a quote from Mayakovsky.

photo: youtube.com

Dilma Rousseff

In Russian these words are: “We got nothing to celebrate, but nothing to be sad. Rough water stories. Threat and a war we will Waregem in the open, as the keel cuts the wave.” In Portuguese they translated Carrera Emilio Guerra, who published in the 1980s in são Paulo, anthology of poetry of Mayakovsky. Daughter of Bulgarian Communist immigrant, from his youth was fond of Marxism and firsthand acquaintance with prisons and torture, the choice of quotes seems logical. Moreover, Rousseff is a lover of literature (“I can’t sleep without reading” – she confessed).

The leader of the Party workers had to remember the lines of the great proletarian poet under very sad circumstances. For impeachment against Dilma Rousseff voted 61 members of the Senate (only had 54 votes) and only 20 senators voted against impeachment.

The outcome of the vote was not a surprise, most observers predicted that it will end for Dilma Rousseff bad. Especially after the night from 9 to 10 August, the Senate has included a green light to starting this procedure. And was the result of frequent discussions held in the presence of the head of state.

So, Dilma Rousseff completely dismissed by the President of Brazil. And instead appointed acting head of state Vice-President Michel Temer will remain in office until the end of his term, expiring January 1, 2019.

Back in may, Dilma Rousseff was removed from the presidential office for a period of 180 days. Personally against her were not made allegations of corruption. She was formally accused of misrepresentation about the state of the Federal budget to improve the chances of winning the presidential election in 2014. It also was about illegal campaign funding. But allegations of corruption were addressed to a number of colleagues Dilma of the workers ‘ Party, in connection with the fraud around the state-controlled oil company Petrobras. Opponents claimed that Rousseff could hardly have failed to know about these dark deeds. At the same time it got for the collapse of the economy of the country, really came lately in decline.

RUSEFF tried to defend themselves, calling the impeachment a “conspiracy” of the coup and accusations against him are false. She at the last session of the Senate came to join the fight was unequal. Dilma Rousseff, addressing the senators, mentioned the military coup of 1964, when she was arrested and tortured. Although she did not compare those events with the impeachment, the analogy suggests itself.

A supporter of left-wing, passed through the prison in 2011 after winning the election of 2010 became the first Brazilian woman President. She, as recent events have shown, was the second in Brazilian history a President who lost power as a result of impeachment. The first was the President Fernando color, who served as President in 1990-1992. Resigned after the Parliament adopted the decision on his impeachment. He was accused of corruption. Kolor lost in 1992 not only his post, but also the rights for eight years to engage in politics. In 1994 the Supreme court dismissed with Color corruption charges, citing a technical error in the decision, but upheld the ban on political activities. In the present case, RUSEFF “got off easy”: it is not forbidden to engage in politics.

Anyway, the final removal of Dilma Rousseff from power by itself will not improve the socio-economic situation in Brazil, in crisis. Moreover, her “mate” Michel Temer is also not popular among Brazilians.

The ouster of Dilma Rousseff – evidence of the crisis not only for the left in Brazil but in Latin America as a whole. It is not surprising that the leftist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador has sharply perceived the Brazilian impeachment, expressed solidarity with RUSEFF and recalled their ambassadors. But in the US, what is happening in Brazil is considered quite legitimate…

From the file “MK”: Quoted Dilma Rousseff poem of V. V. Mayakovsky was written and published in 1927 in connection with held in the summer of that year in the USSR on the background of the conflict with Britain “week of defense.”


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