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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Confirmed alternative version of the appearance of life on Earth: we brought comet

Life did not originate on Earth and the first living things had no relationship to the ocean — they quietly evolved on land much earlier than the formation of a huge water areas. the need of rewriting school textbooks of biology, which refer to ancient periods of evolution on our planet, recently said academician of RAS, doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, head of Laboratory of ancient organisms Paleontological Institute. Boisaca of RAS Alexei ROZANOV. Correspondent “MK” was contacted by academician, to first hand clarification of the hypothesis that radically changes our view of ourselves.

photo: pixabay.com

Until recently it was known that life originated in the ocean at least 3.4 billion years ago, in the era of the Archean. However, studies conducted over many years by the staff of the laboratory of ancient organisms, talk about something else: life exists on the planet at least 3.8 billion years, and it was formed not in the ocean and on land.

— You can not say that the land was absolute, the water in the form of steam or dew could be present, but the fact that the ocean was not, it is true, — says Alexey. — The bulk of samples in which we meet the ancient inhabitants of the Earth were found on the Kola Peninsula and in Karelia. Some were from Australia and from South Africa. But to conclude that life did not originate in the ocean, we came recently, after weathering crusts, we found a very ancient organisms.

— You can explain what is weathering?

— Weathering crust is loose rocks that were formed long before the ocean, then, with his appearance, went under the water, and then was on the land. We found fossilized microorganisms with age more than 3 billion years, in the era of the early Archean.

— It turns out that the authors of the current textbooks were wrong by at least 400 million years?

And not just that. Error also lies in the assertion that the life appeared on Earth. It it was formed has been developed, but has not appeared. The microorganisms were brought to our planet by comets. We found a lot of microorganisms in meteorites are much older than the Earth. I can cite the example of carbonaceous chondrites: Murchison found in Australia, Arga from France… this was a lot, and in each we found a fossil of a creature older than the Earth.

— What our microbes do they look like?

— In cyanobacteria, sulfur bacteria or even more organized amoebae, but to pinpoint their appearance in the fossilized remains impossible. Although some have already given their original names.

— How do you set their age?

— Using radionuclide analysis — the method of Dating used for determining the age of minerals.

— It turns out, life came to Earth on comets, and then evolved on land much earlier than the ocean, right?

She began to settle in the first few million years after the birth of the planet. And we know that while the ocean was not yet, because so far not found a single sample of sedimentary rocks older than 4 billion years.

— Recently Japanese scientists and their colleagues from the University of Wollongong (Australia) stated similar to your findings in Greenland, in the isua formation, however, the age 3.7 billion years…

— The finds of this age in the same place was announced 20 years ago or more the German scientist Manfred Szydlowski.

— Your Western colleagues also come to conclusions about changing textbooks? You heard about such statements?

I didn’t hear it, but I think if they are normal people, then such conclusions would be logical.

At the end of our conversation I asked academician Rozanov, the attendant question of how can the discovery of the true development of life on Earth to change our lives.

— How can affect a person’s life? If I were a journalist I would have thought, but since I’m a scientist, I am sure that all that humanity learns about their environment and about their origins, and sooner or later it will benefit him. First we have to rewrite the textbook of 6th grade, after correcting the error. It says that all life came from the ocean, and no ocean in the early Archean era did not exist.


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