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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

At the Venice film festival Kim Ki-Duk saw the falling of the audience

On 73-m the Venetian film festival are incredible things. Sessions are delayed, and the opening of the new hall, Giardino had to be postponed for 20 minutes. So the famous South Korean Director Kim Ki-Duk could not go into the hall to present his film “Network”. And all because collapsed one after the other the rows of seats. They forgot to screw, and the audience was on the floor.

The most active part of the affected public demanded that the Board of Directors for urgent action. Quickly arrived, the maintenance crew drills, strengthened in the crowded hall of the seat. Cost to restore a single row, as he filled up another. And during the show the audience had to leave the hall or to sit on the steps. Poor Kim Ki-Duk! He watched it all. Any Director at the premiere screening of the already terribly worried, and now this. On the largest South Korean film festival in Busan, representatives of which attended the ill-fated show, similar in principle could not happen. There is a modern festival Palace was built within a year, while Venice can not solve this problem for many years. In General, in the new room scared to once again go. Suddenly the roof is not tightened, and she collapses. And all this under conditions of heightened security measures following the events in nice. And the carabinieri police in bullet-proof vests, and it turns out that not the terrorists, its own negligent builders and those who embraced the new cinema could easily ditch viewers. If the blockage of the chairs happened during the session, it would be panic.

“Network” Kim Ki-Duk tells a story that North Korean fisherman. His old boat went into disrepair, and took her to a Korean shores. Being in a free country, the fisherman suffered terrible pressure, it just was not tortured. And when he returns home, where his wife and daughter, met him with bouquets, photographed for Newspapers, then to Seoul, tortured interrogations and destroy. Kim Ki-Duk shot the movie at the patient for any Korean theme, but do it in the forehead. In the North is bad, but in the South there is no happiness. Nowhere for Koreans to go.

“Arrival” by canadian Director Denis Villeneuve talks about the coming of aliens to Earth. Almost his first recorded Russian Siberia and mobilized troops to the landing zone. In the Americas army officials quickly find a linguist Louise, is able to enter into contact with them and find out what intentions the aliens came to Earth. The heroine, Amy Adams, born, incidentally, in Venice, nothing to lose. Her young daughter died from an incurable disease, and anything else in her life. Louise boldly on contact with the giant creatures, like octopus, or spiders in the spirit of Liz Bourgeois, floating in a milky fog. And flew these monsters in a giant egg, now looming over our planet. From Denis Villeneuve was once the film “an Empirical study on the influence of sound on the far-sightedness”. And now it listens to the bubbling speech of aliens resembling the cry of the orcs. Only memories of the past associated with growing up daughters will give a clue coming. In contrast to the thought of WIM Wenders in the competition film “Beautiful days in Aranjuez” good memories are still there, and they are not as elusive as it seems the German classics.

WIM Wenders tirelessly develops 3D format and goes farther and farther into experiments. Now he took a Frank dialogue between men and women. In memory POPs up the play “Six characters in search of an author” by Luigi Pirandello. But Wenders filmed not her, and the writing of his Australian friend Peter Handke. Once his play was staged Luc Bondy at the Vienna Burgtheater. A middle-aged couple (names we do not know) talking about her sexual and family experience, recalls his childhood. Everything happens in the flowered garden. A couple watches the author sitting behind a typewriter. Not understand, whether the characters are driven by the writer, whether he simulates their existence. The role of women co-starred his wife playwright Peter Handke, and he appears in the role of gardener. They say everything in French. On the screen the Italian subtitles, about English translation at the press screening of the forgotten. Wenders uses some music Australian rock musician nick cave, who himself will appear on the screen. He dedicated the film “once More with feeling,” Andrew Dominic based on the new album of the legendary musician. It is also included in the program of Venice.

In memory of recently deceased Iranian Director Abbas Kiarostami made a special session, which was attended by his son, also a Director, much like his father. Senior Kiarostami was seriously ill, but the cause of death was not cancer, and Iranian doctors that infected him during the surgery some infection. Then he was sent to Paris to the clinic, but time was lost. 76-year-old Kiarostami is not saved. And now showed his 17-minute black-and-white film “Take me home”, where a ball is rolling down the stairs of the old quarters of Eastern cities, it catches up with the boy and returns to the house. In the documentary “76 minutes and 15 seconds with Kiarostami Iranian classic chasing geese, as a mere mortal, feed them zucchini and all captures on camera. He wanders along the old railway cars, and the luxurious appear of the photo. Kiarostami exhibitions held around the world. Many saw him as a European, and he was reading it and thinking in Farsi and lived in Paris, and at home, going to the shooting in Europe. We see in Tuscany Abbas chooses nature, running around among the olive trees, to make a film “true Copy” with Juliette Binoche. Will appear on the screen of disgraced Iranian Director Jafar Panahi manage to make a movie, having a 20-year ban from the Iranian authorities. He is holding a camera, and he Kiarostami works in the pouring rain.

In the main competition involved painting “the Light between oceans” Dareka Cianfrance Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander in the lead roles. Tale, worthy of the vulgar of the series, thanks to the talent of the actors takes on Shakespeare’s intensity. A decent man becomes a villain, able to raze the graves of their stillborn children, assign someone else’s child, and then himself, to put away. Because the conscience has not disappeared anywhere. Years later all that remains of this Martyr, is the loneliness and memories. Fasbender, of course, grandiose artist, and in Venice he was greeted as a God.


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