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Thursday, March 15, 2018

To strengthen the skeleton will be polyethylene: opening of Russian scientists

The technology of bone implants made of polyethylene was first developed in Russia. Substitutes new sections of a human skeleton on the right are those of strength and plasticity of Western counterparts.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As reported by “MK” in the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys, we are talking about creating implants from UHMW polyethylene. They are easily handled during surgery, but due to the porous structure, quickly take root in the patient’s body. For the manufacture of implant specialists use a fine powder of UHMW polyethylene with a size of about 100 micrometers. For the formation of pores in the powder is injected salt of high purity. Special equipment and in certain modes the mixture is compressed into a monolithic material. Then, under great pressure and at high temperatures the salt is washed with water, after which a porous billet. It is dried and coated on one side with a continuous layer of UHMW polyethylene for strength. The porous portion of the implant is inoculated with cells taken from the bone marrow of the patient, and proteins that stimulate the germination of these cells in the bone tissue. Upon implantation into the body and spongy structure allows the formed blood vessels and tissue to grow into the implant and successfully implant it into the skeletal system of the body.

The implants will be applied in case of accident or cancer to replace local areas of tubular bone. We are talking about the flat bones, exposed to weak or moderate stress – the pelvic bones, skull bones, shoulder blades, etc. work on the creation of new technology in implants lasted four years and continues to the present. In the near future the specialists are going to release a trial batch of implants for veterinary clinics.


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