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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The opening of the season at the Moscow art theatre turned into a solo performance

Its 119th season opened in Moscow art theater. The occasion was marked by stability, reliability, and, as always, it was decorated with a one-man show called “the audition show”. The details of the Moscow art theatre reviewer “MK”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

It seems that journalists and cameras here are more than artists (other theatres are angry that Art pulls mediately). Well, I have to face reality: as collects their artists Oleg Tabakov, nobody does. But the artist went a few major figures one after another: Doinikov, zolotovitski, Nazarov, Brusnikin — all are equal as on selection, but still no uncle Chernomor, that is Tabakov. But there is a great actress: Natalia Egorova, Nina Gulyaeva, Marina Zudina Masha Zorina, Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya. The latter tells me that the summer spent on the filming of the series “Double solid-2”. And now she is preparing for the school year, because the youngest, Anastasia, goes to school.

But tobacco is in the hall — a bright red Polo shirt, crimson jeans, a great mood. The solo performance begins with the German language: “Sizen z, Bitte.” This is because I met him standing applause. And without transition, sitting at the table, Oleg Pavlovich says:

— 16 years (referring to his leadership of the Moscow art theatre. — M. R.). In some ways we are spoiled, the main thing — occupancy room and a sober attitude to our success. 119-season — the figure is not round, normal. I have time, looking back, looking forward.

Oleg Tabakov has gathered the acting troupe at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov (23 photos)

And then the points…

Of the unpleasant: “You do not read their contracts. Your everyday life in the theatre begins not with the collection company, and since your first performance. In short, be correct. Among many intelligent people. Keep this legend.” (Laughter in the hall.)

About “Snuff”: “30 years was put on the case. I can say that in Moscow there are now technically equipped modern theatre. The bed gave me. Many of you wanted…”

About Suginoi (she’s sitting across from the wife): “are You still alive my old lady?”

About ticket sales: “a difficult time, but we have not reduced interest and that Oh-ry responsibly. Here I go on stage: they haven’t said anything — and they gave me clap. Then I think, what I should do today?”

Finally Oleg Pavlovich announces plans Art theater on 119th season. The first will be the musical “Pride and prejudice” by Jane Austen (MK first wrote about it. — M. R.). Oleg Pavlovich in the room turns to his actor and rector of school-studios MHT Igor Zolotovitsky:

— And we, Igor, you didn’t take in a musical. Maybe we’ll learn two of tanek? (Laughter.)

Different Directors, which will be put in this season, cause among artists of different reactions. Among these novel Samgin, Konstantin Bogomolov, Evgeny Grishkovets, Evgeniy marchelli and Butusov. The name of the last is the most applause. The young actor and directed by Alexander Molochnikov, “embarked on a dangerous path of poetic associations” after the performance about the First world war, will take up the great October revolution — the play “19.17”. According to Tabakov, the Moscow art theatre, perhaps, see and hear the texts of Kharms, Leskov, Vatsetis (alias Sergei Yursky).

Finally Oleg Tabakov concludes:

— As you can see, I started with the Sukharevka and end the prospect of Andropov. Did you ever think that we will have the branch?

A voice from the audience: “No, never”.

Finally about age: “a Stupid expression VOSMIDESYATITONNYE. Stupid. For 80 passed — okay.” And finally tightens his beloved: “I love you, life”. Out of tune someone picks up.

On the opening day of the 119th season at the Moscow art theatre gave a performance of “Jubilee jeweler” with Oleg Tabakov.

Watch the video on “Oleg Tabakov has opened the 119th season at the Moscow art theatre”


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