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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Cossacks were forbidden to patrol Moscow streets

The city authorities have forbidden to bring the Cossack brigade to public control

17 Dec 2012, 20:42

Text: Elena Sydorenko, Roman Kretsul


The Cossacks patrolling the capital’s streets is arbitrariness. At least, this conclusion follows from the words of the head of the Prefecture of South-Eastern administrative district of Moscow Vladimir Zotov, who is himself a Cossack. “Some, perhaps, are under pressure,” commented the Cossacks that statement.

The prefect of the South-East district of capital Vladimir Zotov said on Monday that prohibits the Cossack brigade. So the officer reacted to the publication in the media that the Cossacks were allowed to work without a police escort: they will supposedly be able on the rights of the people’s supervisors to make reports of violations of public order.

“The Prefecture of YUVAO any instructions and permissions for Cossacks patrolling the streets, bringing them to public scrutiny, and especially for compiling them any kind of Protocol did not give”, – the words Zotov, the press service of the Prefecture.

Moreover, it is noted in the message, on Monday, the prefect instructed the heads of district councils of the South-East of the capital to forbid to involve the public control of representatives of the Cossack units.

According to Zotova, the Cossacks illegally trying to interfere in the initiative to create a national control, without the consent of the Prefecture and the district Council initiated the participation in various activities and thereby distort the idea of creating public observers. Initially watchdogs is observers from among the active inhabitants of the district. The audit was designed to help heads of administrations and helps to monitor the improvement, repair and maintenance of streets and roads, the order in trade.

“The function of social supervisors is to observe and report violations. To identify violations in the housing sector or trade, and to take the actions you need quickly, and in local councils do not always have enough staff for such operations,” – said the head of the district.

Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to Deputy head of the Council of the Lublin region Sergey Nesterov in his publication reported that the Cossacks on the rights of people’s supervisors to make reports of violations of public order, to identify unauthorized trade and advertising.

Nesterov told the newspaper that the supervisors patrol the grounds together and then tell about what they saw violations to the police. “Cossacks are not authorized to apply power or administrative actions, they can only make the report to the administrative Commission,” said the official. He noticed that passersby are not required to submit to the inspectors-controllers, but “most people still do listen to them”.

Ataman of the regional Cossack society “South-East” Sergey Shishkin added that the Cossacks will also send reports to the Prosecutor. “On our patrols there was a lot of noise, we are ready to legalize our activity, but the work still will put things in order in the city, – said Shishkin. – However, we do not know how to deal with the violators of Parking rules. We can only chastise them and cause regulatory authorities”.

Shishkin added that already ordered the identity of people’s supervisors for the Cossacks to patrol the streets will be about 200 people. Just SEAD has about 1 thousand Cossacks.

After the Prefecture of YUVAO disown this initiative, in RKO “South-East” this information was perceived with bewilderment. “I can’t comment on the statement of the prefect. It is their right. Today one, tomorrow another…” – said the newspaper VIEW, Deputy ataman RKO “South-East” Igor Gulich.

According to him, the decision to patrol the streets by the Cossacks really were previously made. “It was decided at one of the municipal councils to start work on the creation of patrol inspectors. And now, apparently, the end”, said Gulich.

Note, on the website of RKO posted a picture of the prefect of the SEAD Vladimir Zotov, in Cossack uniform with the caption “Cossack Colonel”. Comrade chieftain of the companies confirmed to the newspaper VIEW that Zotov’s a member. “He generic Cossack, his Cossack roots,” said Gulich.

According to him, Zotov from time to time involved in the Cossack circle and support of the Cossacks. “And now he supports us, just, apparently, a situation which does not depends on it. Some, probably, are under pressure”, he added.

The press service of the prefect of YUVAO from discussion with the newspaper VIEW his Cossack roots abstained. As the representative of the Prefecture, Zotov didn’t feel the need to report anything other than what he instructed to place in the press release, and ask him about any of his subordinates makes no sense.

In the neighboring Eastern district of the Moscow newspaper OPINION said that such initiatives weren’t there, and suggestions from the Cossacks of the don received. Press Secretary of the prefect Andrey Ivanov explained that the district has a system Popov (public order), so to make a decision about the Cossacks patrolling the streets together with the people in the district.

“There are police, there are Apopi. The involvement of the community is appropriate where locally necessary. By and large, probably, in this situation it is important to consult with residents,” – said Ivanov.

“We have helped patrol in those places where there is illicit trade, such as the market “Vykhino”, on some sites associated with area of increased activity of migrants”, – said the representative of the prefect of HLW.

In GU MVD of Russia in Moscow said that long ago suggested the Cossacks to participate in the patrols, but only in the framework of the law.

“I think we should not trust widespread in the media information regarding the resolution of the Cossacks on independent patrol. In General, the Moscow police supported any initiative aimed at the protection of public order, but they must be under current law. The Cossacks have repeatedly offered to join the national guard to patrol together with employees of internal Affairs bodies”, – said the newspaper LOOK the head of the press service of a capital Central Board Andrey Galiakberov.

We will remind, on November 27, Cossacks SEAD in conjunction with the Cossacks of the CAO came out to patrol the square in front of Belorussky railway station. The patrol was eight Cossacks of the Central and South-Eastern districts. The authorities stated that the RAID had not been coordinated, and in the capital cupola MIA recalled that the patrolling of railway stations and railway property refers only to the jurisdiction of the police.

The head of the Moscow Committee for Cossack Affairs Leonid Makurov previously reported that riot cops and vigilantes will be created in Moscow in the beginning of 2013 the rate of up to 50 people in each administrative district. According to Metropolitan law, the Cossacks have no right to patrol the streets unaccompanied by police, but national supervisors can create reports and send them to the administrative Committee of the regions, to identify the unauthorized construction and unauthorized enterprise.

Igor Gulich, who participated in the patrol, told the newspaper VIEW that the Cossacks have already been actively working in the Southeast district: “we Have khutorskoe kazache obshhestvo “Lublin” and stanitsa Cossack community “Novoryazanskoe”. On the territory of these areas Cossacks already serving in the protection of public order, namely the control of territory with a large crowd of people, protect children’s and sports grounds. The power now invested heavily in the renovation of old, new, and young people there gather, drink beer, break, rowdy, and we promote with power and doing, so things like this happen.”


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