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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rink of globalization the Atlantic braked sharply

A week before the summit of “Big twenty” in China the secret is out – negotiating a Transatlantic trade and investment partnership failed. The US and the EU are unable to agree on a TTIP – the plans of the Anglo-Saxon globalization have dealt a severe blow. Although new attempts to create “economic NATO” will be taken, now national state repulsed the attack of the globalizers.

Negotiations on the establishment of TTIP was more than three years – from 2013 fourteen rounds, and for US it was important to agree on the text of the Treaty before the end of the Obama presidency.

“Bet on the creation of “economic NATO” was taken very serious – it would create a new geopolitical reality”

It was originally planned up to 2017 to keep pace not only agreement, but also to conduct him through the American and European parliaments, but last year it became clear that it is impossible – both because of the slow marching of the negotiations, and because of the negative attitudes to the Treaty in Congress. Washington had at least time to sign the agreement, but it had less time and chances – and now it is clear that nothing under Obama will not be signed.

“Ongoing discussions on the free trade agreement between Europe and the United States can not be completed before the end of this year. The imbalance of the agreement is obvious, and France would not support it,” said on Tuesday French President Hollande. This is the first public recognition of the failure of the talks from the head of one of the European States. If Hollande was more or less diplomatically, the chief negotiator from France, Secretary of state for foreign trade Matthias of FeCl told about the next steps:

“France believes that the moment of truth and decision. At the end of September at the meeting of EU Ministers responsible for foreign trade in Bratislava I will ask on behalf of France, to the termination of negotiations on the TTIP… the European Commission can, of course, to continue the negotiations, and legally no one can prevent. But no negotiations political support of France.”

The same is said Vice-Chancellor and Minister of economy and energy of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel:

“I believe that this year the TTIP agreement with America cannot make, or it will be TTIP Lite, or need to make concessions, which the Europeans do not have to do.”

Gabriel added that initially, in contrast to Chancellor Merkel, was “more than skeptical” about the prospects of the Treaty.

Against this background, looks funny position of Washington and Brussels – they are still trying to deny reality. The American negotiator Michael foreman said, “actually, negotiations are progressing well”, and a spokesman for the European Commission stated that “the EC has made steady progress in the current negotiations on TTIP… They’ve even entered a critical stage after being introduced on all articles of the proposals. If all conditions are met, the European Commission is ready to complete the transaction before the end of the year.”

That is nonsense that France and Germany (and, of course, leaving the EU the UK) are not going to sign anything now – let’s make a deal”.

It is clear that nobody will sign. The creation of a common European-American market at least delayed – and in that moment, when both in Europe and in the United States are gaining strength, the supporters of national sovereignty and protectionism. A second chance at the conclusion of TTIP in the coming years may no longer be submitted, and therefore, in the Anglo-Saxon plans of globalization for the first time there was a major failure. So large that its consequence may be the collapse of the project “one world order”.

While it is clear that the failure of the TTIP was only the consequence of changes in the world’s main trend – the national elite for decades conceding under the pressure of transnational capital and supranational elites, are moving from defense to offense. It is not only the increase of resistance of the people, whether Europeans or Americans – it is also important that national elites were in the position that they will have nowhere to retreat. They are so pinned to the wall that further surrender under globalist pressure in the near future would lead to complete loss of national sovereignty (and so have limited beyond measure).

Both European and American elite are forced at least to change tactics – demonstrate (some sincerely, some not) their people care about national identity and state sovereignty. Not to bring the case to direct “the revolt of the masses”.

Change of mood, and the regrouping of forces within the national elites are not yet very visible, although the first swallows like the widespread growth of the influence of non-systemic political parties and politicians, euroscepticism and “Breccia” already give an idea of the scale of the world changes. Bet on the creation of “economic NATO” was taken very seriously – along with the prisoner last year the TRANS-Pacific trade partnership (TTP) it would create a new global economic reality would change the whole geopolitical layout.

“Golden billion” would be firmly pulled the military, ideological, economic, commercial and financial zone and the rest of the world would be forced to adapt or proclaimed “the vanguard of globalization” rules and laws, or give them open battle.

The rules written in the TTIP and the TPP would become the new “Constitution” of the world economy – and would have made a huge step toward the concentration of all power in the hands of supranational forces (i.e. elites and corporations). Now there is a failure, and in order to promote further globalization, supranational elite will have to take a break. During which many things can happen.

The main political supporters of TTIP was Obama and Merkel – they promoted it in every way. But both Obama and Merkel will cease to lead their countries in the next year: Obama absolutely right, but Merkel is more than likely. Spring change of power in France, and the UK is on the verge of leaving the EU. That is in power in key countries of the West will not be people who would be covered by their authority (or simply position) a process of dragging of the Treaty on the TTIP.

That is why it was decided to make a pause – the German and French elite decided to show how their nationalism and concern about European values (in all senses). Negotiations interrupted, to await the election of a new American President, the election results in France (in the spring) and Germany (beginning next fall). That is the real resumption of negotiations is possible only in late 2017 – early 2018. But what will be then the world?

If in November in the US, trump will win, on the resumption of negotiations it is possible to forget – he now criticizes concluded that TTP, TTIP. But even if Clinton wins the resumption of negotiations will be for the new administration rather difficult during the presidential campaign, battling Sanders, Clinton was forced to promise not to sign the TPP or TTIP. Against and the majority in Congress – even the approval has already been signed TTP is now impossible (and certainly it will not be able to do in the new composition of Congress, which will be formed after the November elections).

But even if Clinton as a loyal supporter of supranational forces and begin negotiations – with whom she will lead? If France wins, Le Pen will speak to no one. Even if the victory Juppe or Sarkozy’s new government will have to reckon with more than the negative attitude of the elite and of the people to the disadvantage of France “partnership”. Who will be the new German Chancellor in the fall of next year? What will be the balance of power in the Bundestag for the first time will be a fraction of the “Alternative for Germany”? What is the condition of going to be the European Union itself a year and a half?

The idea itself is accelerated and the secret agreement TTIP, of course, was a major mistake supranational elites. Europeans have not accepted the loss of sovereignty in the creation of the EU, and the EU itself is not yet completed – and then they impose is a transition to the next level of globalization.

On the other hand, it is clear that transnational forces were nervous, in a hurry, inside of the globalist project is a competition – and, besides, there is no assurance that completed the EU will be just as manageable as this. And suddenly it turns into a kind of “fourth Reich” to challenge the Anglo-Saxon elite? It is better to diaper him now while he’s still in the maturation stage.

Tried – and thereby only further helped the growth of antiglobalization sentiment in Europe, was in opposition with the desire for sovereignty and national independence. And now the collapse of the “economic NATO” may come back to haunt and NATO conventional – that is, the entire system of the Atlantic control over the Old world.


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