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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Oleg Menshikov has announced plans Ermolov for the season

With a Popsicle and Armenian cognac opened the 91st season of the Yermolova theatre. However, it will be not as exciting and ambitious as the jubilee, but no less spectacular. He will start with the very real horrors that have prepared the audience artistic Director Oleg Menshikov.

Artistic Director congratulates with the beginning of the season, Darya Melnikova, Kristina Asmus, Sergey Kempo and Yegor Kharlamov. Photo: courtesy of the press service of the theater.

The Company will officially open on 1 October, and three premieres will break in November and December, and two of them on the Big stage. First, it is Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” staged by Alexei razlagova and Philip Vinogradov, bloody hero will be released Menshikov himself. Still show “Duck hunt” Vampilov directed by Yevgeny Marcelli. Him this season will have to be torn between the Company and the Moscow art theatre, where he is also scheduled to premiere.

The small stage at “the mercy” give Alexei Levinsky, who last year staged here, the play with paradoxical humour “Theatre of Kozma prutkov”. Now he again takes up Kafka and his unfinished philosophical “Process”. In General, the Prime list nothing does not portend a cheerful…

— But the second half of the season will be fun — soothes Menshikov. — Think of high Comedy — such today is not enough. In different scenes you see are mostly flirting with the audience and playing below the belt, but a good Comedy is not called.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

— Oleg Evgenyevich, the classics come from?

— Not necessarily. Many good works of modern writers — just reading the same. But they do have some decent pieces. Search should be better…

And as you’re looking for?

— Read, often young writers come to us themselves. So far, what I want, no one wrote. And in General, not everything that goes up on the stage, I like it. But the work of the artistic Director is not imposing one’s own tastes, and attempt to be objective and the desire to find what people wanted.

Not focus on your own taste?

— Yes! It so happens that the plays that, in my opinion, was to accept restraint, delighted, and Vice versa. I do not give advice to the Directors, not in any way interfere in their work, it you anyone confirm.

— There were no exceptions?

Only when I understood that my advice will save them. But a couple of times had to ban the production of ready-made performances, although it goes against my ideas.

…A special event for Ermolova tour. In November they’re taking “hamlet” in Ekaterinburg, and then “1900” — in the United States and Canada.

— There is still good news for our young people in the theatre from the Nikitsky lane will soon open a hostel.

* * *

At this time, mark Rozovsky with a great mood also starts the season at his theatre:

— September 10, are going to Yasnaya Polyana: in the framework of the theatrical festival of a name of Lev Tolstoi in the open air play “Anna Karenina” with nabakowski comment. And at the end of September will bring the “History of horses” at the Schepkin festival, in a wonderful Belgorod — there, thank God, another fan of the Russian classics. In October will play Schlager premiere of the father and of the son, Cuny — “little Brother”. Moscow will first see this brilliant sitcom. And finally, before the New year scheduled to release a fantasy story Shukshina “… and the Circus” and the musical “Oh, dear friend,” with music by Victor Lebedev.

The second half of the season, the theater will go to the performance “Captain’s daughter”. First of all, it will be focused on young people — however, as a new edition of “Romeo and Juliet”.

On the Old stage will come “Screaming lobster” and “the Glass menagerie” — in the genre of psychological drama, without which Rozovsky can not live.


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