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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Monica Bellucci once again a bride: the program of the Venice film festival

31 August on the Italian island of Lido opened the 73rd Venice film festival — the oldest in the world, founded in 1932 by the dictator Benito Mussolini. All was festive, but the reception on the occasion of the opening was not what the leadership of the festival was made on the eve of a special statement.

Monica Bellucci dancing in the musical drama “La La Land”.

It States: a gala dinner on the beach, traditionally the final opening ceremony is cancelled. Thereby it pays tribute to the memory of the victims of the earthquake that occurred on August 24 in Central Italy. Officially published Bank account to which you can transfer your donations to help the victims of this terrible event.

But star track had not been canceled. On it were the members of the jury headed by British Director Sam Mendes, author of “American Beauty” and the last two James bond movies. Under him will work hard to several Actresses: Gemma Arterton from the UK, Chiara Mastroianni (daughter of the great Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, the Chinese Zhao Wei and Germany’s Nina Hoss and the American documentarian Joshua Oppenheimer, shocked the world “the Look of silence”, American Director, writer and singer Laurie Anderson, Italian writer Giancarlo De Cataldo, winner of the last Venice film festival Venezuelan film Director Lorenzo vigas to. They have to watch 20 films.

One of them is an American musical drama “La La Land” Damien Chazelle and opened the festival. The choice is romantic and a bit sad love story with actors a win-win in such cases. Initially nerdy jazz musician played by Ryan Gosling, and his beloved Emma Gosling. She pulled the Duo, playing touching the coffee cart, who dreams of becoming an actress and endlessly running casting. In the end, her character MIA will become a popular actress comes home in the cafe to drink coffee. Gosling on the obsessive music of the pianist does not pull at all. The film starts with huge traffic jams on the highway. But the owners do not descend from mind, and leave the car and begin to sing and dance even on the hood. So Venice offered his recipe to fight depression during long traffic jams. Sing, and all will be well.

In the main competition involved Filipino Director Lav Diaz, known for long works such as the eight-hour “lullaby of sorrowful secret, which was taken at the Berlinale all day. In Venice, he will show four-hour film “the Woman who left.” In recognition of Diaz, the true idea inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s “God sees the truth, but not soon say,” and it tells the story of a young merchant from Vladimir. Have Diaz starring the head of the largest Philippine Corporation.

American Director Terrence Malick (“the Thin red line, the Tree of life”) will come with his first documentary film “Journey time” with VoiceOver by cate Blanchett. French Director françois Ozon for the first time worked in Germany, mostly with German actors. It “Franz” — a kind of paraphrase of the painting “Negoita lullaby” by Ernst Lubitsch. “Arrival” canadian Denis Villeneuve’s talk about the stay on Earth of aliens. WIM Wenders will present his new film “Beautiful days in Aranjuez”, filmed in 3D.

In the fifth time participates in the competition is Andrei Konchalovsky — and each time taking away rewards. Two years ago he received the “Silver lion” for direction of the film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”, in 2002 — the Grand Prix for “House of fools”. The performer of the title role in his “First teacher” Natalia Arinbasarova awarded the Volpi Cup in 1966. When young I took the Golden lion for Ivan’s childhood”, co-wrote the script which was Konchalovsky. And his own work the moment the Boy and the dove” also won in Venice in 1962. Now Konchalovsky will present black-and-white “Heaven” — the events of the Second world war, which occupies the minds of many filmmakers whose work will be shown in Venice.

Outside of the contest will present his film “conscientious objector” Mel Gibson interested in the fate of the seventh-day Adventist, got to the front and refused to take up arms.

A year ago the Polish Jerzy Skolimowski’s classic also took part in the main competition with the painting “11 minutes”, and now at the opening ceremony he was awarded the “Golden lion” for the contribution to cinema, as we say, but on the world festivals called simply: “For a career”. Privilege to present this honorary prize fell to British actor Jeremy Irons. A similar award a little later, and get the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo from the hands of Sophie Marceau.

Out of competition, as a year ago, involved living in Berlin Sergei Loznitsa. His documentary film “Austerlitz” — the observation of visitors of the concentration camps, who in our days memorials such as Dachau and Sachsenhausen. Sergei Loznitsa is trying to understand why people come there.

World premiere of the series of Italian Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino’s “the Young Pope” with Jude law in the role of a fictional Pontiff, the first American in the main office of the Vatican. In Venice will show the beginning of the series.

The famous Austrian Director Ulrich Seidl, who waited in Cannes, just now finished the documentary “Safari”, telling about the hunters in Africa, where he tried to figure out what people are so attracted to this threat for all lesson.

Took in Venice and the film rejected by Cannes — “the milky road” by Emir Kusturica. The Director explained the refusal by saying that he was punished for sympathy for Vladimir Putin. New film Kusturica refers to the time of the civil war in the Balkans, 1992-1995. Starring himself Kusturica (here he’s a soldier, who after the war monk) and Monica Bellucci. The appearance of the bride in their “over 50” she is still good, and veil her face.

For many years there was talk of building a new festival Palace in return for what was built during the Mussolini. And then the area is the oldest of the festival was disfigured by a pit. It discovered deposits of asbestos malicious, abandoned by unscrupulous builders, and construction freeze. But this year there is no trace of the former “career” — but it appeared calculated to 446 seats in the cinema hall of bright red color. And opened a new platform called “the Network” Kim Ki Duka — the North Korean fisherman, trapped by the will of the sea on the territory of South Korea.


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