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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Meat ready for the elections: went up by 30%

Falling seasonal vegetables lulled the vigilance of the Russians. Only the “MK” up and continues to track reports of Rosstat, conducting its own monitoring of prices and surveys of citizens. The results, unfortunately, disappointing.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Pork according to Rosstat, with the beginning of the year (except for boneless meat) fell by 3.5%. Commendable. The beginning of August also showed almost zero (in the sense of a rise in price), and then, as they say, spun. In the middle of the month recorded a rise of 0.2%. And for the last week — 0.7%. The dynamics is clearly increasing.

Experts call this a natural phenomenon: like that has happened in the past. But now the situation is exacerbated by the intensification of African swine fever, outbreaks of which in recent months are often recorded in Russia. Plus blame was placed on the hot weather. So says the leading expert of Institute of a conjuncture of the agrarian market Anna Kudryakova. According to her, there were times when producers withheld shipments to animals gained the desired weight.

Anyway, the purchase prices for pork in the second category for the two months increased by about 24%. If in June, its average cost in the country was at 140 rubles per 1 kg (slaughter weight) by the end of August, she rose above 170.

Now listen to suburban butchers. Let’s start with Central market. “Don’t understand where everything goes. More than a year, pork price has remained stable. And there you are. In less than a month meat has risen in price to 25 roubles. Chicken added 20. Only beef Suki remained at 460”.

Go on to another butcher shop. “Over the past three weeks, pork prices have risen by 30%, chicken somewhere in the 15, beef stable at around 500”.Local taxi drivers they added: “went up, even the bones. Only two weeks ago, pork ribs cost 220 rubles, and now it is 270”.

The conclusion. Beef because of its high cost price is in place. In the capital, it is not the first year is kept at 500-550 RUB Many Muscovites have long been abandoned. So, more expensive the most that neither is popular meat: pork bones and chicken. But the meat of this bird was for most families the only affordable source of animal protein.

According to Rosstat, since the beginning of year the rise in price of chicken seems to be slightly — just 0.2%. However, the last week of August re annoying: 0.5 percent.

That chicken breast in the capital started to increase in June, we have already taken note. So, shop the farmer’s meat for a whole year she was sold for 153 rubles per 1 kg. In the beginning of the summer gained 10 rubles, and now sold at all for 195 RUB. Take a calculator and count. The increase was almost 30%.

Online retailers are also rising in price trend. In January, a full chicken in the shop of economy class could buy 110-120 rubles (not much promoted brand, of course). Now this bird is about 150, but branded with 150 go to 170. In fairness, we note that there are commercially available chickens for 117 rubles, well, very blue: skin and bones.


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