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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Geologists announced on the entry of the Earth into a new era, full of dangers

The international scientific team, which included 35 experts came to the conclusion that in 1950, the Earth has entered the anthropocene — the period when the impact of human activities on our planet in many ways becomes crucial. So far, this term was considered informal, however, geologists now see that it is necessary to revise the attitude towards it.

photo: pixabay.com

Almost 12 thousand years ago, with the beginning of the last and has so far interglacial, the world entered the era called “the Holocene”. She changed the Pleistocene and, according to the most General scientific concept, continues today. However, the authors of the new study say that approximately 1950 of the last century the earth has entered a new era — the so-called anthropocene.

The middle of the last century as the “border” between the two epochs was chosen. It was then that due to the extensive nuclear testing that began in 1945 in the United States and in 1949 in the Soviet Union, all over the Earth, a host of radioactive isotopes, and it may well serve as a formal “starting point” for a new era. However, the fact that people in the house opened a new page in the history of the Earth, according to scientists, shows and a variety of other factors, including the increase in the concentration of nitrogen and phosphate in soils, plastic pollution, soot from power plants, the emergence on Earth of a large amount of concrete, the disappearance of a number of species, and even increase the number of chicken bones in connection with the spread of agriculture. The “memory” of all these factors is the Earth will hold in the future on the geological layer, which today represents the surface of the Earth. These kinds of changes is to change the quantity of certain substances or population of certain animals around the world — usually serve as the basis for the proclamation of a new geological era, the anthropocene, according to scientists, is no exception.

According to the results of their study, the researchers conducted the vote and 30 out of 35 experts came to the conclusion that the Earth really has entered a new era. Three spoke against this proposition, two to vote no. Geologists say that if the global scientific community will also agree with their conclusions, we find that a new geological epoch has begun only recently, and many of our contemporaries this change “caught”. At the same time the announcement of the new era could be the recognition of humanity is how much it affects the surrounding world, and hence would even more attentive to the threats that human activity poses to life on the planet.

However, some experts refer to the extended proposal with skepticism, noting that mankind is unable to influence the global processes on the scale to equate their impact to the effects of nature.


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