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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Firms advised on tours to Turkey: “Blow – sit in the hotel”

Constant attacks, the attempted coup, the military operation in Syria, against this background, resumed Charter flights to Turkey.

We phoned the company who offer trips in Turkish resorts, and talked with them about the safety of tourists. On the question of what to do if a suicide bomber seized hostages at the hotel, we had a nice said, “complaints of such have been reported.”

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

According to the Manager of one of travel agencies Natalia, they are “already overwhelmed by requests for tours with Charter flights” – but to 3 September do not sell them. Natalia also happily reported that after the launch of Charter programs “prices will drop in half”.

However, after details emerged: the Turks have not reduced prices nor on hotels or on the tour — it is only possible reducing the cost of air travel. Then the dialogue became more interesting.

– Wait, or are you now a regular flight to book?

– Wait, as in thought: it is safe in Turkey, what have you said? The country officially opened for the Russians, but the attacks

– Well, we were told that the resorts are in any case safer than in the center (underneath the girl mean Ankara and Istanbul). The recommendation to clients is simple: if somewhere something blow up, don’t leave the hotel grounds. Best of all – from the room. Inside is safest.

– What resorts will advise you where now the safest – Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya, Fethiye, Kemer, Belek, side, Alanya?

– Oh-Oh! – exclaimed the Manager as if we were playing in town and she lost for the first time after hearing all of these names. – I don’t know, honestly! Myself in Turkey, I did not go, do not go and will not go – prefer Russian resorts. Wait, now colleagues, to clarify… No, none of us in Turkey do not travel, sorry!


Calling in another Agency. The answering machine says that all operators are still busy processing other calls. Waiting their turn listening to is: I am to go to Rhodes, Majorca, Italy and even the Dominican Republic. Turkey in the list of best proposals of the autumn there.

It is a great illusion that the Charter will reduce the price of tours – recognized first available operator. – We have charters represented by only one Russian and one Turkish airline. And these tours are not much different from those where the flights regular. Anyway the client will have to pay for fuel surcharge, airport tax… so the ticket fell by 50-70 percent, as somewhere someone is presented, it is impossible mathematically.

– What about security? Here’s how to deal with the tourist when a suicide bomber you come to the beach — this was in Tunisia, killing dozens of people…

– Hotel security it to the beach to nil. It’s a Turkish thoron promised Russian when guaranteed safety.

– Promised, but not all hotels are protected by super-professionals. But if the terrorist will sneak into the hotel and take hostages?

– Complaints that we have received.

– And the markets-something Turkish to go? There is not area of the hotel and a large crowd of people.

– Do not tell! – the woman cut off.

– If a rocket from Syria will reach Turkey?

– The girl! – then the operator has completely lost patience. You correctly ask questions to the travel Manager! We you that the trajectory of the missiles now count? No, we count only the cost of the tour!


In any case, experts say, travel to Turkey, even on the back of the Charter it is better to wait until next season.

– Our travelers are guaranteed the security, but the situation remains very tense, – said the “MK” candidate of political Sciences Vladimir Hvatkov, Director of the Center for Oriental studies, international relations and public diplomacy. And it is difficult to predict that Turkey soon will change, especially considering the fact that it sent troops to Syria.

Yes, the combat zone is in a different part of the country where the resorts but through them to Europe is a huge flow of Syrian refugees, which aggravate the crime situation…

In addition, warned me Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze, in case the situation escalated right into the days of your stay will be a terrorist attack or political unrest, money, if you decide to prematurely return Home, money for unused days will not return.

In the case of terrorist attacks, tour operators usually meet the tourists without any extra cost changing them, at their request, a return flight to earlier, explains Maya Lomidze. – But the money for unused days, if you have any partially used round (for example, arrived in the country and checked in at the hotel), you will not return even if the foreign Ministry will issue a recommendation not to visit Turkey. This is called force majeure.

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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