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Friday, March 16, 2018

Even sharply falling prices for tickets will not save the Turkish season

Charter flights to Turkey resumed, and, as a result, prices for holidays in this country immediately decreased. Turkish officials are already rubbing their hands and even promise to give the Russians the ability to pay in their country rubles. However, the expected growth of tourist arrivals, and to payments in rubles should be treated with caution.

The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) published the first information about changes in price offers for a holiday in Turkey after the signing, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 28 August of the decision on the resumption of Charter flights to the country. The cost of the weekly rounds (three stars hotel on system “all inclusive” close to the sea) for two varies from 33 thousand to 45 thousand rubles.

“Next year, the tour packages to Turkey will indeed be bought up on hurrah”

In July, prior to the introduction of the Charter, the VZGLYAD newspaper reported that the weekly holiday for three in Antalya to check on the system “all inclusive”, but the third line (i.e., distance from the sea), the Moscow tour operators is worth about 100 thousand rubles.

Thus, the fall in prices there. Nevertheless, the forecasts of the representatives of the tourism industry is still very cautious, promising to give some specifics on the number arriving in Turkey after or closer to the first Charter flights are expected on 3 and 4 September. “As we planned, some there is an excessive demand. But you have to understand that now is not the opportune time to demand, begins the first week of September, someone is already back from vacation. Everything is in accordance with the plans and expectations, but in General the interest is there”, – quotes RIA “news” the PR Director of one of the tour operators Larissa Ahanova.

But the optimism radiate the Turkish authorities. So, the “Platform of tour operators expects to make as much as 700 thousand Russian tourists. For comparison: with the beginning of the year, Turkey was visited, according to various estimates, from 100 to 200 thousand Russian tourists. In addition, the Turkish authorities gave the go-ahead for 63 Russian Charter flights a week. It is a few more than usual were sent to this country from Russia.

In the fight for Russian tourists, the Turks are willing to go even on a highly unusual marketing move. “The Russians have to pay in Turkey rubles”, – quotes “Interfax” the Turkish Minister of economy Nihat Zeybekci. His statement he made during the Russian-Turkish media forum in Antalya – one of the most important preparatory measures to restore the tourist season. There, the Turkish authorities shared their ambitious plans: to return to previous position when one only of Antalya visited by 3 million Russians per year.

“The Turks of what to expect (we are talking about the expected number of Russian tourists – LOOK). A month and a half 700 thousand people… I don’t know, I forecasts do not want to give”, – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina. But the idea Zeybekci she appears openly advertising.

“No matter what money to pay in Lira or rubles, and it is important, at what rate,” said she. Tyurina recalled that at the beginning of the year, in February, Egypt had stated the same: we will accept rubles in stores. Rubles, in principle, in Egypt it was accepted informally, but could agree. However, the rate was 93 rubles to the dollar. That is, people were paid in rubles in the most extreme situations. Such course, according to Tyurina, explain: because in Egypt, as in Turkey, roubles on hands at the population a little, therefore, of special interest to accept them at a favorable rate there.

Besides, as she said, the statement Zeybekci – “it is no more than a statement. Turin draws attention to the fact that the introduction of payment in rubles need a lot of preparatory work, which if you start, it is unclear when complete. “We need to sign a formal agreement, including interbank. So it’s all words,” she said.

It is significant that the Moscow firms who phoned to the newspaper VIEW, not saying that there is much demand for trips to Turkey. “The summer is over, the children go to school, now it is not particularly to Antalya. Next year, the tour packages to Turkey will indeed be bought up on hurrah” – predicted by the newspaper VIEW one of the travel agencies.


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