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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Autumn made the changes for car owners

September 1 in Russia came into force several legislative changes for car owners. In particular, different rules of passing the law and scheme to get the car out of impound, changes were made to the CTP. In the traffic police promise that innovations will make the drivers ‘ life more comfortable. Auto experts believe that the situation is far from ideal, especially in the insurance industry.

September 1 in Russia came into force several legislative changes for car owners.

The new exam on the right

“Insurers have a very powerful lobby. Until now, they once a year have changed, now in the course of the year will not change for car owners, nothing good “

According to the administrative regulations of the interior Ministry Thursday set a new date and procedure of the exam. Among other changes – further questions over errors during the theoretical part of the exam as well as a greater number of exercises at the site.

In the state traffic Inspectorate consider that the new document will create a more comfortable environment for citizens, reduce time costs and increase the objectivity of the evaluation of the examinee, reports TASS.

“Until then, all exams were carried out in accordance with the methodology, which was approved in 2001. We made a new regulation which sets the time, date and procedure of the exam – that’s the most basic thing in it,” explained RIA “news” the essence of the document, the first Deputy chief of traffic police Vladimir Shvetsov.

The regulations set a specific time for all procedures: from being in the queue for more than 15 minutes, exam in an hour and to provide all services in no more than 30 working days, after which the driver should get right.

Changing the order of reception of the theoretical part of the exam. Now if the subject incorrectly responds to a single question, he is given extra time and five additional questions. The same happens after the second wrong answer: there is a chance to pass the exam with a positive rating. Tickets will be issued to the candidate at random, but will be collected in several thematic blocks, incorrect answers are only valid in different clusters.

The exam has changed somewhat due to the fact that over the past year, there have been many changes to the SDA.

“And, when we talk about time constraint, we initially set it to the policeman. If he did so, that the applicant is more than 15 minutes standing in front of him in line – he may be appropriately punished. If the allotted time has not issued a driver’s license, not a phase of the exam in the allotted 20 minutes or half an hour there is the same”, – said the representative of traffic police.

The time frame of the exam is established on the procedure and not on the entire process of delivery. Because different stages can sometimes be carried out at different times and in different places. So, for example, allocated to the exam hour “runs” with all the breaks move, waiting their turn and so on. To avoid any issues that the examiner something spent wrong, all the actions can appear on the video – this will avoid disputes if there is disagreement or doubts about the “corruption component”.

Among the features of the regulation – bound procedures of examination and issuance of rights to the portal of public services, as well as the large number of comments and suggestions from the public, including driving schools.

Auto experts – in particular, the Deputy of the state Duma Vyacheslav Lysakov, the head of the coordination Council of Federation of motorists of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Victor Klepikov agreed that the measures taken are correct – assuming that they will be executed, and their owners will be welcomed.

To withdraw without penalty

From September 1, entered into force the law on the post-evacuation cars. Under the new rules motorists are allowed to take the vehicle out of impound without paying in advance of evacuation. Prior to this innovation drivers had to pay the costs of moving and storing the vehicle and to produce relevant documents to the responsible person on the special Parking.

However, autoexpert took it with some skepticism: “you still have to pay sooner or later. Yes, it’s great that the owners have the opportunity not to pay immediately, if they have no money, but still from change composed the sum does not change” – said the newspaper VIEW Victor Klepikov.

Note that the drivers had the opportunity to take evacuees cars without payment on July 24. To pay you within 60 days of receipt, which was issued at the specialized Parking AMP. For those who paid moving and storing the vehicle immediately, the law provides for a discount of 25%.

According to the Moscow Department of transport, more than a month, the possibility of postpaid have used only 15% of motorists.

“The majority of motorists (85%) prefer to pay the moving and storage at once and get a discount of 25%”, – reports TASS Agency.

In addition from 1 September, the Moscow government has reduced the tariff of moving one oversized vehicle from 47 to 33 thousand rubles

While the preferential tariffs for the evacuation of the capital’s transport system is preserved: for vehicles with engine power up to 80лошадиных forces maintained the reduced rate in the amount of 3 thousand rubles for evacuation, for cars up to 250 HP – 5 thousand rubles, for machines from 250 HP 7 thousand roubles, marks RIA “news”.

The insurance fees were forbidden to change

The regulator of the insurance market, the Bank of Russia will no longer be able to change the rates on compulsory auto insurance in the year since their establishment.

“Validity established by Bank of Russia of the limiting size of base rates of insurance tariffs (their minimum and maximum values, expressed in rubles) and coefficients of insurance tariffs cannot be less than one year”, – the TASS the message of the Central Bank.

The law regulating including a limit on the adjustment by the Central Bank compulsory vehicle insurance tariffs, was signed by Vladimir Putin on June 23.

Commenting on the rule changes, the head of the coordinating Council HEADLAMP Victor Klepikov noted that it was “like nothing”. “Insurers have a very powerful lobby. Until now, they once a year have changed, now in the course of the year will not change for car owners, nothing good is not here. Well now will not change – will change in a year. From insurers after what they did for 15 years, motorists do not expect anything good”, – he assured.

“Yes, it was decided that once a year will review the cost of the policy. This is good, this can be viewed positively. The question is, what all the rest of what insurers offer, does not hold water. The main problem – the inability to get a policy in the regions. In Moscow, the question more or less solved. As if to drive off from Moscow, especially in the South, in the Krasnodar region in particular – the problem is simply overheating. Unfortunately, the Bank of Russia does not take real measures to remedy the situation and it only deepens the crisis”, – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov.

“Insurance companies do not comply with the terms of payments, understate their sizes, trying more to keep, although it seems it is this process regulated by law. Insurers must keep 23%. But they pay out 77% and 52-56%. Closed or transferred to remote places of the offices of settlement of losses, to impose additional types of insurance other types of insurance (life, home, etc.), create difficulties with the assignment of the owner a fair reduction factor, refuse to do it in many cases. As a result, the number of insurers has decreased and the number of complaints they have grown. The Central Bank has set the aim to reduce the number of insurers, and it has become an end in itself, including a measure of their own activities. This led to the fact that millions of owners stopped to insure. Insurance companies with revoked licenses have gone from the regions, and in their place, no one came. The market is flooded with fake insurance policies. In the regions, people have for weeks waiting list, arranging night roll call”, he said.

After the increase the Bank of Russia rate on the obligatory “avtograzhdanki” by 23-30% in October 2014 and 40% in April 2015 insurance policies for many Russians rose by more than 60%. Despite the fact that the Bank of Russia has twice increased the rate of CTP in less than one year, the participants of the insurance market continued to insist on the loss ratio of this segment.

Despite the plans of the Central Bank to liberalize tariff CTP, this process is temporarily removed from the agenda. It is assumed that the controller will return to discussion of the liberalization of the insurance in the fall of 2016. In addition, to seriously reform the “motor” intention of the Ministry of Finance, but the bill is still in a very early stage of development.


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