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Monday, October 24, 2016

Ukraine scored in the DNR landing of the women diversanta

The command of the militia DNR reported getting to the territory of the breakaway Republic of a new group of Ukrainian saboteurs. Moreover, according to the Kyiv militia left to conquer the Donbass three girls. Yes not simple. Their instructors are trained special operations forces and the Central office.

As reported Donetsk news Agency with reference to Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin, a group of Ukrainian diversantok arrived on the territory of the Republic in August. The exact date is not set. Bacurin believes that the main task of this group is to carry out terrorist acts.

In addition, the statement said, girls need to recruit law enforcement officers of the militia, the creation of a secret network, and then the transfer of intelligence to Kiev.

On the Agency’s website and published photos of the girls and the names of two of them – Anna Tarasyuk and Miroslav Klimchuk. The girls in the photo is quite pretty and does not look like diversanta.

It should be noted that earlier the employee of the Ministry of information DND Elena Subbotina said in his Facebook that the girls will act under the guise of prostitutes, which should arouse the vigilance of their victims.

Eduard basurin, in turn, added that all three diversantki is now wanted, and all their accomplices will be sentenced to punishment according to the laws of war.

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