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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

To solve the problem of water shortage in Lugansk it is possible only by military means

On Tuesday, the Directorate Luganskvoda ” said the acute shortage of water in some localities of the LC, which is caused by the destruction of intakes and reduction of supplies from Ukraine. But as far as the current situation is critical and whether it can serve as a lever to Kiev for the effective blackmail of the leadership of the breakaway Republic?

Almost all water intakes and pumping stations associated with the supply of the city of Lugansk, located on the territory controlled by the APU. It is clear that it has provided the Ukrainian side of the wide opportunities for the usual manipulation. Here it is enough to remember the “water blockade” of the Crimea, followed by electric. What country, such and methods.

“We must understand with whom we are dealing. If I could, the air would shut off”

In 2014, in the midst of the fighting, the supply of Lugansk water (technical and drinking) was completely blocked. In summer, the peak of the heatwave, the situation quickly became critical. After the liberation of the airport and a strategically important locality Lugutino a large part of the front of the LC strongly stabilized (except for the area adjacent to the DNI debaltseve), and the Ukrainian side has transferred to non-military methods of pressure on the rebel region. While the front passed and is now right on the banks of the Seversky Donets river, where are all the main water lines.

The Donbass on its Geology and geography – the bare steppe, has historically arid Wild pitch. Soviet authorities established a sustainable water supply of settlements and large industrial enterprises through a complex network of channels and culverts. Which, of course, was built without the expectation that in the twenty-first century what will be the front line between the neighboring villages. That is, Autonomous water supply in cities and towns does not provide for. However, as in many cities of the Russian South in a private building of the Lugansk people took water in the columns “manual pumps are a kind of construction right in the middle of the street. Another thing is that the speakers also were fed on the old system of water intakes, and modern water passes through the filtration station, also remained in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces.

As the Donbass Russia is getting closer to the end the most intense fighting was in the NPT, but it is in the Lugansk area at a relative lull, the humanitarian situation has caused the greatest concern. It got to the point that the leadership of the breakaway Republic seriously started talking about the disaster because of the almost complete absence in the city any water, including hospitals and children’s institutions. Lugansk began to be supplied with water trucks, which lined up a huge queue of residents and to achieve from the Ukrainian authorities on the resumption of water supply up to a certain point is not possible. The negotiations on this issue started only after the temporary cease-fire on all fronts, that is, after the start of the Minsk process.

However, the water supply of Lugansk and some other cities around – not a subject of discussion even in Minsk, is a matter of purely local, as it were “politically motivated”. Accordingly, it is farmed out to local authorities that the Ukrainian side was represented by the “Lugansk military-civil administration”.

The current round of “water wars” in Lugansk started about three months ago. In early June, the administration has ordered to stop the flow of water on the territory LNR, to paraphrase one of the most popular quotes from “the Twelve chairs”: “we Will act according to the principle of Ostap Bender: the morning – light, night – water”. What does the light, is explained in detail.

Luganskaya TPP is the main source of electricity in the region – is also located on the “Ukrainian side” of the Seversky Donets river, in the Martyr village of Happiness Lugansk but at the moment she is not independent – a significant amount of energy comes from Russia. This provision under the special scheme on preferential terms was carried out in 2014 by order of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev “in an exception”. In the result of emergency works both republics were fed to the single Russian energy system, and the Ukrainian side lost an important tool for blackmail, and it was “public pressure” on the LC was considered almost the main measure of impact on “separable”. Mortars and artillery were focusing fire on the same power grid, gas pipelines and electrical substations. From the total public collapse was only saved by the hard work and heroism of the employees of the maintenance services and public utilities, which were promptly eliminated breakage, including under fire. Many died.

In the end, that is not the Lugansk depends on the energy, have been reported previously with thermal power plant in the village of Happiness, and Vice versa – part of the territory of the former Luhansk region under the control of the APU, now supplied with electricity from the LC. And just at the beginning of June as a result of an accident on the line from Lugansk in the village Lugansk (largest settlement on the left Bank of the Seversky Donets, which is controlled by the APU) the village a few days did not receive electricity. Moskal took it as a “communal war” from Lugansk and ordered in response to turn off the water.

LC negotiations on domestic issues handled by the head of the Center for recovery management (UCV) Alexander Drobot, who managed to achieve the resumption of supplies of water in the system Luganskvoda” since June 11, but not in full, since all these manipulations are quite difficult technically. Peter intake, which begins with the supply of Lugansk, shuts itself off for some unidentified reasons (or rather, for the reasons that the Ukrainian side has not publicly explained.) Same story with the Western filter station, through which the supply of Stakhanov, Pervomaysk, Kirov and Bryansk areas.

In Lugansk, all of these stories are trying not to politicize. The overlap of water from the Ukraine is perceived as a familiar problem. Drobot automatically informs the OSCE on each such occasion, but those are as usual dismissive. The protagonists eventually become workers Luganskvoda”, forced to deal with things impossible to fight – the alternative to the old water intake simply no. But if earlier the Ukrainian side at least bother to link the termination of the supply with technical problems, now the water pressure through Peter intake is reduced for no apparent reason. For the entire system of pipes comes the collapse, because even for its filling and restoration of the pressure required almost a day. Formally, the Ukrainian side is not privy to the lack of water in Lugansk, but in fact it’s already established system of creating communal tension. And workers Luganskvoda ” forced to justify what happened and now – press conference of her leadership became a political episode.

In a disappointing result, the water supply of Lugansk and other cities of the Republic was and will remain the weakest link in LC. Another thing is that the story of the summer of 2014 is unlikely to be repeated in such a tragic form. There are established systems of emergency supply, which, by the way, and then did pretty well. There is a system of crisis management, is, in the end, experience. The situation, of course, causes a lot of inconvenience to residents, but as the disaster is not perceived.

You can correct the problem through military way crossed the river Seversky Donets river, which is now out of the question. But we must understand with whom we are dealing. If I could, the air would shut off.


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