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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The shooting is canceled. Temporarily

Mr. President, let’s start for health and Conchita’s how it goes.

The wording “MK” rejoicing: once the government quickly reacted to a newspaper. The main miracle — responded positively. (Because quick response is often quite unpleasant: threat, arson, fines, lawsuits, a ban of the publication.)

Talking about the letter you called “the government are not idiots sitting” in “MK” on 22 August 2016. We were quoted a government circular. He ordered by September 1 to be implemented in the organizations under the Ministry of culture of Russia, the fight against corruption. Namely, the heads of the circuses, theatres, museums, etc. had to kick out relatives. This is how it was formulated in the document of the Ministry of culture:

“Employees substituting the above posts, I can’t work in the case of close relationship or property with an employee of the organization concerned, if the employment is connected with direct subordination or control of one of them different.

Language terrible, but the essence, as you know, needlessly violent. In the famous provincial museums — the Pushkin hills, Polenovo, Yasnaya Polyana, and others — the decades of the dynasty of the guardians and saviors of culture. Expel all relatives of the Director means to close the Museum. In theaters very often (and well deserved) work, the actress wife of the Director; such is life in the theatre. Let us recall the famous Lilina (wife of Stanislavsky), Alisa Koonen (Tairov’s wife), Olga Knipper… However, mistresses, artistic Directors under that stupid circular fall that did it (the circular) finally meaningless but left merciless.

Mr. President, we lightly mock the government paper and, of course, do not expect anything good.

And suddenly, exactly one week later, on August 29, at the state website where the information on the preparation of all laws and regulations appeared tongue-tied, but good news: you can not be fired!

Imagine, Mr. President: in July, the Ministry of culture ordered to fire people on 1 September, two days before the execution of the command “Stand down!” How in all of these circuses and museums was of passions, sobs, heart attacks-strokes — we’ll never know, no such statistics. No document and no apology.

In the official Draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation simply said:

“To establish that employees occupying positions referred to in the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 hereof, and the persons specified in paragraph 2 hereof, may not work in the case of close relationship or property (parents, spouses, children, brothers, sisters, and brothers, sisters, parents, children of spouses and spouses of children) an employee of the respective Fund or another organization, if employment is connected with direct subordination or control of one of them to another (with the exception of caseswhen the employees of the organization consisting in close relationship or property with employees occupying positions referred to in the first subparagraph of paragraph 1 of this regulation, and citizens specified in paragraph 2 of this resolution, replaces the position of creative workers in the organization in accordance with the list of professions and positions of creative specialists of mass media, cinematography, television and videoshemale teams, theatres, theatrical and concert organizations, circuses and other persons participating in creation and (or) execution (exhibiting) of works, features work which…”

We broke quote, Mr. President, that you are not to tire. You could start reading with an underlined space with the famous formula “except”. This is the corruption-the formula of legislators and other authorities who want capital to acquire, and innocence to observe: ban everyone and leave yourself a loophole. But in this case — thank you very much.

Sorry, but right into place jubilation and cheers end. The questions begin. Because people are ungrateful beast; how much power to make them good, and all of them a little.

In “letters to the President” (you), we reported on much more important issues than dismissal relatives on stupid orders.

Wrote about the road (they affects all the population, about which you all Russia writes and even on TV says), and a little confused.

Wrote about street children and orphans, a huge number which, in your own words, looks like “third wave” after two earlier (wave of the Civil war and the wave of great Patriotic war), but our “third wave” arose and kept (!) without any war.

Wrote about the insane actions of the authorities. For example, renaming the police to the police. We told you it wouldn’t help. And it did not help. And how many billions it cost the repainting of signs and cars? Did it make us better? Very doubtful.

We wrote to you about saving the Russian language in former Soviet republics and in Russia itself. But in the same sentence (168 words!) circular of the Ministry of culture visible: not be saved.

Yeah, cancelled the dismissal. But isn’t it because in the letter to the President “In the government are not idiots sitting” we just wrote: they have elections on a nose, and they cause distress and anger of thousands of workers of culture.

No apology to the respectable people that a few months shook and suffered because of the circular, makes you think: maybe not cancelled, but postponed? Suddenly this indulgence — pre-election miracle? Because officials can return to your idea at any time.

Mr. President, we do not expect anything good from them. We are in the hands of the “explanatory note of the Ministry of culture to draft resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. There they, like parrots, repeat the wording of the ban on the employment of relatives. And then added:

“However, the specifics of the industry of culture is the widespread use of professional family dynasties. Theatre, ballet, circus, creative dynasty is the historical tradition of Russian culture. Family continuity of generations in the field of art often plays a key role in the formation of professionals of the highest level. Immersed since childhood in professional environment, who grew up in the circus dynasty Zapashny, Bagdasarova, Kornilov behind the scenes of the theaters and concert halls artistic family of Ranenyh, Solomina, Tabakovich, zakharovykh, Moses, Liepa, Cohen, Austraha, Yurovsky and many others make up the national heritage of our country.”

Reading this work the Ministerial cultural humanism, we have wiped the unbidden tears of emotion and suddenly in the list of musical-theatrical-circus dynasties ran into Yurovsky family.

You see, Mr. President, the family Jurowski became famous on the stage and not the screen. The founder of the dynasty and a prominent figure in the Cheka, was shot Emperor Nicholas II and all his children in Yekaterinburg, in the basement of the Ipatiev house. The children of this Yurovsky not ever worked. The daughter was a functionary of the young Communist League, one son, rear Admiral, the other — a Colonel, a Commissar…

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
Artist Jurassic was replaced by the security officer Jurowski.

In the enumeration of the artistic families would be better described as a family of Sergei Yursky. His father was a theatre worker, daughter, actress, wife — actress and he is a famous actor of theater and cinema, Director, brilliantly played Tuzenbach (if you saying something), Ostap Bender (well, this is a role we all remember) and a lot of talent…

…You say that like it’s a random error. But knowing the mindset and the direction of the mind of the current Minister of culture (he’s a historian and a writer, so his thoughts for anybody not a secret), believe that the dynasty is famous for the security officer (that is, to some extent, your colleagues) vernulas in the document do not by chance. You know there are no coincidences.


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