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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Ministry of Finance proposed to raise again the price of vodka

On the official portal of projects of normative acts published by the Ministry of Finance of Russia changes in the legislation concerning the minimum cost of vodka. The Finance Ministry proposes to increase the cost of the “national drink” from 7 rubles per half-liter. And this despite the fact that two months ago, prices have raised to 5 rubles.

photo: Kirill Iskoldsky

The published document contains amendments to certain orders of the Ministry of Finance on the establishment of prices, not below which are carried out procurement, delivery and retail sale of alcohol. We are not talking about import and export of alcoholic beverages.

As stated in the submissions, the Finance Ministry proposes to increase the minimum retail price of vodka from the current 190 rubles per half-liter to 197 rubles.

As for wholesale prices, it increased from 12 roubles, from 165 to 177 rubles. The purchase price proposed to increase by 6 rubles from 174 to 180 rubles.

While the project must go through the stage of public discussion.

Recall that two years ago the minimum retail price of vodka in 0.5 liter was increased to 220 rubles. But then in December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke against the increase in the price of alcohol, noting that otherwise, shift to high-quality product comes a substitute.

After that, the minimum retail price of vodka was reduced to 185 rubles.

However, after dissatisfaction with a number of manufacturers in June of this year, the Ministry of Finance increased the price of vodka by 5 rubles to 190 rubles per half-liter bottle.


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