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Monday, March 19, 2018

The former policeman explained that the reform in Mora

One of the most discussed topics of the capital on Tuesday was the restructuring of the Moscow criminal investigation Department (CID). All of his employees (except those working in homicide), as it appeared, withdrawn from the staff, and head of Moore lost his post. The news has sparked a flurry of speculation about what is happening in the Moscow police. Meanwhile, the “MK” July 1, wrote that Moore some major personnel changes.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

On Tuesday, an informed source from one of the news agencies, it became known that almost all employees of Moore in addition to “homicide” or otherwise – 1st operational-search part (orch) – followed by the main investigation Department of the Moi in Moscow removed from the staff. Also the staff were employees, who are somehow connected with the press. All of this, supposedly, is due to the fact that “the leadership of the Moscow cupola MIA is trying to achieve not only efficiency, but also to get rid of corrupt officials”, and also in order to combat leaks to the media of intelligence information. In addition, it became known that chief MOORE is the General-the major of police Igor Zinoviev is leaving his post.

What is happening in Moore?

That MOORE is waiting for the reshuffle, “MK” wrote two months ago. Then our source at Petrovka, 38, suggested that chief Moore Igor Zinoviev will soon leave his post. The reason for his departure was called quite a difficult relationship with the head of GU MVD in Moscow Anatoly Yakunin. Zinoviev, who came to lead Moore in January of 2014, supposedly, was not able to find common language with him.

It was already known that with high probability Zinoviev will be transferred to lead, Department of internal Affairs VAO, which is considered a demotion. On Tuesday, the sources in law enforcement bodies this information have confirmed.

As for Moore, it became known that the reorganization was subjected to 4-I investigative part, responsible for the fight against drugs, and the 6th CFP that fought against organized crime. However, without details.

Previously there was information that on the basis of the 4th CFP creates a new investigative part, which will deal with fraud. “Now part of Moore will include in the operational-search part, whose main task will be the disclosure of fraud ordinary direction,” – commented on Petrovka, 38.

The fact that the staff of Moore appeared for the state, does not mean that they will all be fired. When reforming out of state — the usual procedure.

However, this does not mean that they will all be driven back.

Usually the state is removed when comes a new team – said the “MK” a former operational police officer. – Those whom it wants to see enter back in, it will be ready the new staffing structure. And to remove undesirable employee, it is usually given a ticket for a period of 2 months. After this the HR Department needs to provide alternative vacancy. It should be equivalent, but often offer a position that does not correspond to the one with which the employee was removed — for example, the inspector of PPS or the district. If the employee does not agree with these proposals, he should put his signature on the waiver. Such positions will offer 2-3 times and if the person refuses, he is fired for redundancy. At the same time, he is paid compensation.

Experts believe that what is happening now in the Moscow police, was very similar to what they want to get rid of quite a large number of employees, but so that it was officially and legally.

As for the successor, Victor Zinoviev, that according to some media reports, is currently discussing two possible candidates – Maxim Vanichkin and Gennadiy Golikov. For the purpose Vanechkina is its current Director, the chief of the CID of the interior Ministry Viktor Golovanov, under whom the works Vanichkin the last three years. Deputy head of the Moscow police Colonel Golikov, according to unconfirmed reports, he wants to see in place of Moore’s head Anatoly Yakunin.

However, according to “MK”, there is another likely candidate is Alexander Polovinka, 13 Aug 2015 Anatoly Yakunin appointed Deputy chief Moore.

Half known including the fact that in 2010 took over the leadership of the ATS Tsaritsyno is the infamous Denis Yevsyukov, who in 2009 was arrested and convicted for having arranged firing in the Moscow supermarket.


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