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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Duma election campaign was competitive and open

The Duma campaign escalates and goes into the stage when competitors can resort to dirty tricks. However, the administration of the President in favour of competitiveness and openness of elections, recalled the newspaper VIEW is close to the AP source, and Moscow will not allow to involve itself in the local “cabal”.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking on Monday at the world forum of compatriots “In unity with Russia”, said that the electoral process on election day, September 18 should be safe and transparent as at polling stations in Russia and abroad.

“If the candidate is nominated, registered, and does not violate the law, and the opponent out of fear to lose trying to remove it, then such a candidate we will protect and will not give offense”

“We will create all conditions to ensure that on election day, every precinct could make those who want to vote that the election process was organized, and safe, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”. But the most important thing for the election, to be absolutely transparent”. This, according to Medvedev, aimed its work and the CEC.

The election is three weeks, and election campaign for seats in the state Duma, according to observers, has moved in the acute phase, when competitors may try to use dirty tricks to weaken or eliminate his opponents.

In the presidential administration (PA) also emphasize that advocate openness and competitiveness of procedures and will not allow himself to be drawn into regional “cabal”. The source of the newspaper VIEW, close to AP, said that the structures designed to monitor the legitimacy of the elections, will do everything to protect registered candidates from unauthorized charges from attacks.

“If the candidate is nominated, registered, and does not violate the law, and the opponent out of fear to lose trying to remove it, then such a candidate we will protect and will not give offense,” – said the source. According to his estimates, now starts a serious fight in about 45 single-member districts with a high level of competitiveness and the unpredictability of the result.

According to the Executive Director of the Association of NGOs on protection of electoral rights “Civil control”, member OP Georgiy Fedorov, the current campaign really interesting as did the increased number of single-mandate and the increased activity of a number of regional offices of opposition parties. Collectively this has led to the increase in the number of bright candidates and made the fight more competitive and open. “An open and competitive electoral race is in some districts of Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg and in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk and Astrakhan regions,” he listed the political scientist newspaper VIEW.

According to analysts, in the Chelyabinsk region stiff competition to the candidate from “United Russia” is SR Valery Hartung, in Sverdlovsk region – its colleague on fraction of SR Alexander Burkov. In the Astrakhan region has ignited the rivalry between SR Oleg Shein and United Russia Leonid Ogolem. In Barnaul constituency running several candidates from different parties with comparable ratings, and that makes now a great degree of confidence to predict the winner. Single-mandate district in Kursk, which has nominated former Vice President, former Governor Aleksandr Rutskoi, also related to competition.

The source of the newspaper opinion in the leadership of “United Russia” explained that at the stage of formation of lists of single-mandate discussed the rejection of the nomination of candidates of United Russia in some districts, given the cross-party agreement on the division of territories.

This aroused the opposition of some governors, who argued that the way the party is deprived of a chance of “promising candidates”. However, the electoral prospects of those candidates was questionable. “We showed them the measurements, but still agreed,” the source said. Now in those districts there is a high competition, the result is difficult to predict. As anticipates the interlocutor of the EP, in districts where the party has no strong single-seat districts, you grow up the percentage of votes for the parties that failed to nominate strong candidates.

Pamfilova builds work “in many ways, a new life”

According to political analysts, the Central election Commission, headed by Ella Pamfilova works very well. Member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin called itself the appointment of Ella Pamfilova, the head of the CEC, which occurred six months ago, a landmark in several senses. The main thing is the figure of a public man who specializiruetsya on the protection of the rights of Russians.

“Many viewed the appointment as a mark of a new stage in the work of the CEC. These assumptions are fully justified. Ella Pamfilova builds the CEC is largely new. Namely, with high requirements to election commissions in the regions, to respect the rights of participants in the election campaign. And consistent with the policy of protecting the interests of voters in future elections,” said Zudin the newspaper VIEW.

Zudin noted that in the beginning of the assignment critics have suggested that Pamfilova – decorative figure and is designed to provide propaganda cover for the elections. “But the whole course of the election campaign, the behavior of the CEC and primarily Pamfilova completely refuted these concerns and speculation. A turning point here was the conflict related to the electoral Commission in the suburbs, when the CEC insisted that the head of the Moscow region electoral Commission has resigned. Currently, the CEC actively responds to the signals on the various disorders included in the process,” he listed the analyst.

Approved expert Commission’s cooperation with the presidential Council on human rights and the Prosecutor General. “Monitoring and analysis of electoral campaign and remedy violations when they are identified. This activity is active and complex,” – said Zudin.

The President of Fund of research of problems of democracy, member of the Public chamber Maxim Grigoriev noted that during the campaign many politicians and spin doctors use all of their resources and opportunities. Some candidates, in his words, trying to blame each other in the wrong election technologies or violations of these or other procedures, including attempts to incite the structures of power from Moscow to its competitors.

“Because the Federal centre is very rigidly insist on transparency, openness, lack of corruption in the political process, the various candidates are, of course, trying to use it including as a weapon against their competitors,” said Grigoriev the newspaper LOOK. He also noted that in several regions there is a very sharp competition where the struggle takes place between the obviously strong opponents, for example in the Chelyabinsk region, where “Fair Russia” will be represented by Valery Hartung.

As you know, elections to the state Duma will be held on 18 September under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies. On 17 June President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on appointment of elections, from this day officially started the election campaign. The election of the legislative Assembly will be held on 18 September in the 39 regions of the country in seven regions will be the direct election of senior officials, also planned to hold about five thousand municipal campaigns.

Meanwhile, in remote provinces of Russia, including the Yamal Peninsula, early voting in the elections of the state Duma of the Tyumen regional Duma has already started. According to the report of the district election Commission, members of the electoral Commission in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district used boats and ATVs to reach voters. The County election Commission to the Agency “Interfax-Ural” said that the voting participation of shift workers of enterprises of the fuel and Energy sector and local residents. It is expected to vote early will be able about 20 thousand people. Will end early voting on September 16.

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