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Monday, March 12, 2018

Russian feudalism in the Crimea

To go to the Crimea I was very eager from the start, because two years ago, when Crimea became our”, guess what it means. But the wife wanted the sea and what other sea, you can go with devalued Russian ruble? Except that on White, and that is unlikely — the tickets will go bankrupt.

When Crimea was Ukrainian, he was for the Russians, paradoxical as it may sound, two to three times more affordable.

First, in Ukraine the price was originally lower on many types of goods and services.

Secondly, the Ukrainian hryvnia in the past ten years, falling not only to the world’s leading currencies, but also against the Russian ruble.

Therefore, even the Russians with a very modest feel in Crimea is quite solvent.

As soon as Crimea became Russian, prices were not even Russian, from Moscow.

It’s back in 2014 happened. Now the price is already higher than Moscow: pack of cheese that I buy for 86 rubles in the shops of the southern coast of Crimea is 150 rubles.

What differentiates Russia from Ukraine?

Russia’s neo-feudalism is stronger and in the Russian Crimea is especially noticeable.

Manifestations of feudalism in Russia a lot:

— the mob needs to give the lords the road in traffic;

— if the Lord knocked down a commoner on the road, he’ll plea down, even if the commoner is dead;

the feudal lords Park wherever they want;

— if the Lord liked the plot of land, then he gets it, even if I have to tear down the huts of a few hundred commoners;

— if the mob thinks a protest against feudalism, it will quickly end up behind bars.

But especially feudalism is manifested in the fact how different the rest of the lords and the mob. In the Crimea it is noticeable as anywhere else.

If you are a Russian feudal Lord, you will no longer feel like a man at the first attempt to get to the sea.

The author of this column went in the summer in the Crimea since 1997, and never break off. Imagine you are three years did not relax, working your ass off, and finally… Despite the fact that you flew the plane, the path from door to door took 11 and a half hours!

It’s simple: to get on a flight departing from Domodedovo at 8.50, need to leave home at 4 am. Flight (rarely) got out in time. In Simferopol you have landed at 11.20, then your Board stood waiting until the bus arrives. In the end, from the airport you went out at 11.40.

Boarded the bus to the city. Then boarded a bus to Yalta. In the end, on the spot in Gaspra (the South coast — the southern coast of Crimea), you are only at 15.30.

The hotel you pre-booked for quite a long time (and that the owner made you a decent discount), very nice with a gorgeous view of the sea and a very nice interior.

And here you threw the bags in the room and rushed to the beach rather wash your labor and sweat of the road (while the drive from the airport to the shore, seven pots will do).

That you hump worked for 19 years route from the hotel to the beach, and suddenly… oops!

Iron fence, iron gate is closed on the padlock.

A local resident you sympathetically explains: here you pass the Guesthouse was bought by the Director-General any “JSC Gasques” and now the passage to the sea for mobile closed.

“What pass?” perplexedly asks you.

Well, either by cable car (150 rubles roundtrip per person) or walk under the cable car (which goes from the stop “Marat” to the beach).

Without a half-liter the road under the cable car” you will not find, so generously throw 300 rubles for travel ” (if you are with kids, cook more) and go down. Then it turns out that you should not so generous — you back on the cable car will not fall: suddenly found that it works only up to seven, and all such that and up to nine will not get. So the walking route you will find the direction where rushed all the citizens of the rest”.

And here you are on the beach, where the crowds are thickest. Because this piece of “grazing” all the rest of the boarding house upstairs (i.e. not on the beach — they make up the contingent of passengers of the tramway), and those who live in numerous hotels, and the private sector — the poor tourists.

Despite the fact that the laws of Russia, the passage to the sea should be free for all citizens of Russia, the feudal lords put it with the device, and each boarding house protects its territory and the territory of the beach is not only the iron fences, but barbed wire, and even “spirals Bruno” that can to the bone to cut the flesh wants to invade a feudal territory.

The next day we had a flutter and understand where our place and quietly went to the beach on the “descent”, more like a storm drain (it later emerged that the way it is).

Here we twice not lucky in the morning there was a thunderstorm and heavy downpour. All the garbage washed into the sea. I figured out that the main drain was this descent to the sea “for commoners.” Later I had to see with my own eyes.

In the evening, when we were still on the beach, again the rain started. We hid under a canopy, but after about 20 minutes the water began to flow from the top of the parapet. When rose saw that the rapid flow of dirty water with garbage is poured out upon the quay, with her on the beach, and just from this passage.

The passage goes between the slopes, which are fief (ex-pensions). On both sides of the aisle (width of about 2-3 meters) clamped stone walls. The special charm lies in the fact that in some areas, the storm sewer these pensions merges directly into the passage.

If you are not lucky and the rain caught you on this difficult path, you promised. At best knee-deep in the water, maybe just from the legs down.

Imagine your mother-the pensioner who dared with his grandchildren to walk to the sea and did not expect a downpour.

The main thing — there is no alternative option! Because the whole coastline is divided between the feudal lords partitioned by fences with barbed wire and guards and not just take!

If the shower will be delayed for half a day, then you sit on the beach, knee-deep in dirty water with garbage.

To be honest, I even could not imagine.

Already here, on the spot, in the Crimea, I remembered that there is a Georgia, where there is no flow of tourists and where the long beaches and delicious Georgian food and wine.

Yes what there to speak about abroad. Great Russia, and great places to stay it did not count. I went from children’s homes of the Kirov region. It was hot, I wanted to take a dip. Caught on the way to village Creek, on the river Mouth. Turned off the road and was not mistaken: indeed a gorgeous Creek with the cleanest water.

A great beach with clean, washed river sand.

And no! Not a single person. And there is no waste. Only the river, sand and pine trees along the banks.


And how many places for mother Russia? The tens of thousands.

And in the summer we have heat, even in Siberia.

Yes the Europeans about this eco-friendly vacation can never hope to!

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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