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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Research: how long can you live in Moscow with the money from the sale of housing in the province

Biting rates for Moscow apartments force people decades to take shelter. Monthly rent costs two to three times smaller payment on your mortgage, even taken at long-term (20-30 years) term. In other words, if a removable “kopeck piece” it is necessary to pay 40 thousand rubles per month, for the same “kopeck piece”, designed in credit — at least 80 thousand.

photo: Roman Orlov

However, expensive both. Therefore, Russians are more likely to sell housing in the city, and used the money to rent an apartment in Moscow or region. Most people are tying up loose ends, without any doubt. One apartment in the historic homeland is not necessary because they do not plan to return, in others it is not the only one — for example, inherited from my grandmother. So why not put this asset to the conquest of the mother see?

But for how long is enough. these funds? Specialists of the Federal portal “World apartments” took average real estate prices in 67 cities of Russia and carried out calculations.

According to statistics, the average rent for a Studio apartment in Moscow costs an average of 33 thousand rubles per month. In the year of the tenant spends 396 thousand rubles. Dividing the average price of apartments on the secondary market in different cities for that amount, analysts have found, for what period of time will be enough proceeds.

Most of all, what is natural, the lucky residents of St. Petersburg and the South. “Selling an apartment in St. Petersburg (the average value of 9.11 million) and Yalta (9.06 million rubles), the Russian can count on 23 year lease in Moscow. The money from the sale Sebastopol homes (6.2 million rubles) can be “off” for 16 years, Sochi (5.38 million) is 14, and is located in Gelendzhik (4,38 million) or Simferopol (4,28 m) 11 years,” explain the study authors.

9-10 years of comfortable life in Moscow will hold the inhabitants of the Northern resource regions and the Far East, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Ufa, for 8 years — natives of the Krasnodar, Belgorod and Rostov-on-don.

The seller of the apartment in Nizhny Tagil, mahackala, Cheboksary, Kursk, Saratov, and another dozen cities the amount received will be enough for 5 years. And only 4 years old — resident of Magnitogorsk (the average cost of apartments in this Urals city is slightly more than a half million rubles). Therefore, the natives of the “poor” of the cities remains nothing how to rent an apartment in the area that are much cheaper. Many are doing just that. The average suburban “odnushka” for 18 thousand rubles per month. Consequently, per year the tenant will pay 216 thousand.

It turns out that the visitor from Magnitogorsk is 4 years old can already count on 7 year lease. During this time, you can make a career in the capital to continue to “live on one salary” — or rather, shoot at her apartment. Time to conquer the capital of the Tagil’tsev, Makhachkala, Cheboksari, Novgorod and Kirov is extended to 9 years. Who smoke, Smolyan, pesacov, Barnaul, Chelyabinsk and Omsk — up to 10 years. During this time, it is possible to find something to do, to experience, to get a good position or even to develop their own business. At the very least — to follow the example of Bal’zaminova and “marry rich.”

St Petersburg and Yalta their money will last for as much as 42 year lease in the suburbs, the inhabitants of the Crimea and the black sea coast of Caucasus — in 20-29 years. Others less: Kazan and Yekaterinburg — 17 years old, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad and Tyumen — 16, Belgorod, Rostov, Krasnodar and Kaluga — 15. The average Russian will rent a Studio apartment in the Moscow region for 14 years.

— There are even more economical option: you can rent an apartment but a room, ” recommends to the General Director of the portal Pavel Lutsenko. — In Moscow, the average rental rate of the room is about 16 thousand rubles a month, in the Moscow region — 12 thousand. Thus, in the first case the lease time is doubled, and the second to the third. Well, if the money from the sale of housing at home to put under the pillow, and in Bank, you will annually to cover certain interest and, therefore, actually means will suffice for a longer period. However, for ease of calculation we did not take into account neither the interest or change in rents, which in the long term is impossible to predict.


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