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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Regardie put a barrier gunrunners

The smuggling of weapons to Russia in the near future will be impossible in principle. The motion of each “trunk” from the moment of his crossing the Russian border will be monitored in-line by a special centre. Rachawadee will become the Central body for the certification of imported civil weapons. It will not allow smugglers to import deadly weapons under the guise of a gift, collectible, signal or traumatic.

photo: Oleg fochkin

Initially, when we created Regardie, the government has charged one of its main objectives is the strengthening of control over the circulation of weapons. Today the subject is painful and controversial. Russian courts inundated with claims from producers and sellers of weapons.

-For several years, for example, are the courts concerning Turkish weapons, – says the representative of the Ministry Svetlana Ternova. – It was imported into Russia under the guise of the signal (so it passed in the Declaration). In fact it was a gas gun. Customs authorities first sounded the alarm, noting the discrepancy. Now they have managed to prove their case in court. In General, many examples of how weapons lethal action is issued for a completely different, do not pose a threat to the life and health of the person.

Why is this happening? On the one hand, the lack of specialized certification centers. The same gas weapons can identify the units of such institutions, because sellers or producers it is easier to provide a product for another to get him legal documents. On the other hand, the culprit may not be just evil and criminal intent: the extremists and the terrorists are trying to enter a military weapon in Russia (or through it to other countries), complicated customs and border authorities. However, they often provide a full package of documents damaging that the imported Arsenal is traumatic, collectible or signal arms.

– Now the certification of weapons entrusted to private entities – continues Ternova. – To strengthen the role of the state in this process that affects directly the interests of national security, considers the issue of creating a Central body to monitor the certification of Regardie. How would it look? Weapons experts of Regardie will instantly receive information about the results of any of the certificates on the transport of even tiny quantities of weapons. They will develop new techniques and standards that put a barrier to smugglers.


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