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Thursday, March 15, 2018

MOE is frightened by the message about an abandoned tourist

Muscovites threw a wounded comrade alone in the forest to catch a plane. Such a sensational news was published by the Siberian regional emergency center. But the reality was not so tragic: a tourist from Moscow really is injured, but no one throwing. He is back home and even refused hospitalization.

As told the newspaper LOOK at the tourist camp “Sleeping Sayan”, which was delivered Muscovite Denis N. Chesnokov, the information that he was left alone wounded, in the forest, not true.

“I don’t know who started this nonsense, if this Denis is someone left in the forest”

“He went to the mountain alone, and no one has thrown,” – said the administrator of the Marina.


The noise around this story began with the filing of the local rescuers.

Unprecedented: the tourists left an injured comrade in the mountains,” reported the Siberian regional centre of the emergencies Ministry on its website.

Rescuers say that while a hike in the mountains a tourist seriously injured ligaments in the foot, could not move on their own, and four of his colleagues on the campaign left him because she was afraid to miss the plane, without informing the Ministry.

“The mother of the victim called the emergency services, said that his son had disappeared under such and such circumstances, said the approximate area, rescuers came to the fore at this point,” – said the newspaper VIEW the press service of the Siberian regional emergency center Artem Shcherbakov. It is difficult to say whether initiated on this fact a criminal case.

Meanwhile in the regional head office of the Ministry of internal Affairs claimed that the tourist had not contacted the police. That was at least strange, if people were really thrown in the forest adrift.

What kind of tour group is about, who it included, Shcherbakov was also unable to say. According to him, the tourist group has not been registered anywhere. By the way, these are precisely the groups most often an accident during the campaigns, he said.

Natural Park “Ergaki”, where occurred the story, enjoys the reputation of being not the safest of places. He did not in summary of incidents of attacks by predators on humans. As recently as last summer, the Agency informational messages here had to shoot four bears. Twice a month, the predators have attacked people. Injured four people, including a child of six.

Was camping one

The intrigue was resolved very soon. It turned out that 37-year-old, not 30 years, as stated in the message of Ministry of emergency situations, Denis Gavrilkin has not been abandoned. “He went Hiking alone, this is quite normal practice, – told the newspaper LOOK at the camp “Sleeping Sayan. – He just got injured – sprained his ankle. Call he couldn’t because he was a Moscow telephone, which had not been well received signal in the taiga.”

On happiness by the University, he came across a passing tour group. Tourists helped him to reach the lake of Light, where there is no danger to meet with the predators and in addition quite crowded.

One of the members of the tour group gave Gavrilkina your mobile phone: on it he contacted the MOE, before really calling his mother, who, apparently, also decided to call in emergencies. Here, the Light, Gavrilkin and was waiting for rescuers who soon arrived. The tour group left it with his consent and knowledge. In the end, Gavrilkin returned home safely. From the hospital, he refused.

“I don’t know who started this nonsense, if this Denis is someone left in the forest. Rescuers who brought him to us, so could not say for sure”, – told the newspaper VIEW administrator “Sleeping Sayan” Marina.

It can be assumed that the cause of the incident became a kind of “broken telephone”: the MOE has misinterpreted a call by the mother. To know it or not, in the Siberian regional emergency center VIEW newspaper failed: after the morning call, the phone there the press service ceased to answer.


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