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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jens span: bright politician with no chance to change Merkel in 2017

Figure Jens Punks, which, according to British newspaper the Guardian, can replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany, became one of the most discussed in the media. Still – Frau Merkel heads has been in office for 11 years, and the Germans had repeatedly reaffirmed her trust. Now, according to The Guardian, in its place can be a 36-year-old parliamentary state Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (equivalent to Deputy Minister in the Russian Federation). He is a member of the ruling Christian democratic Union of Germany (CDU, whose leader is Merkel), a Catholic, openly gay and “burkat. Whether real span alternative to the current Chancellor? This “MK” talked with the head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav BELOV.

photo: twitter.com

– Jens span in the Bundestag since 2002, the policy became interested in his youth, he joined the youth organization of the CDU. Yes, he is openly gay, as mentioned, but you cannot say that he somehow focuses on this, it is not part of the political agenda for him. Span adheres to conservative views – often even more than Angela Merkel, degree. Among other things, advocates the rejection of raising the retirement age for certain categories of citizens, it their views on health care reform… lately, he perhaps excelled criticism of Merkel’s migration policy; it is brilliant rhetoric involved in many talk shows.

I think the journalists of the Guardian correctly identified him as one of the most dynamic politicians of the CDU. And this, apparently, is because “heirs” Merkel as such now, no. Among possible successors are called defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen and interior Minister Thomas de maizière, but his odds dropped sharply in connection with attempts to enter in the framework of migration policy and new mechanisms for security. So begins the search for someone who could change Merkel – came across Punks, bright, professional policy which has, among other things, substantial support in his district.

– Does he have a real chance to become state Chancellor?

– In 2017, of course, he has no chance. “Stuffing” The Guardian is quite logical; gradually begins to take shape yet to start election coalition speculation about whether the “Grand coalition” against which, by the way, is span.

But, although we can theorize alternatives to Merkel in 2017 not. Therefore, we assume that The Guardian with its rays just highlighted talented politician of the CDU.

There is a widespread belief that in Germany there is a growing dissatisfaction with the policy Merkel. However, Punks who speaks from a more conservative position, his criticism of the current policy will not help to compete for the post of Chancellor?

First, it was not nominated for this post – this is a party, and not himself. At 36 he just doesn’t have the stock experience to strengthen its position in the CDU. Second, Merkel criticized, basically, for September 2015, when she isn’t having any program at the migration crisis, said, “We’ll manage”. Today, in my opinion, such a program already exists: the plan is to “promote and demand” is good enough, it involves the integration of migrants and the strict discharge of their obligations. In addition, I think criticism of Merkel is a reflection of inner-party struggle: she is 16 years headed the party, there are a lot of unhappy. But this is democracy, I do not see anything terrible in this regard to the Chancellor, rather more positive. Indicated some problematic aspects that could be addressed by Merkel and will base future election campaign. It is expected that it will take a decision on participation in elections to весне2017, but I think an internal decision she’s made.


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