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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Interior Ministry ordered to cut every tenth employee

The new Ordinance States, the Ministry of internal Affairs signed by the President. Set the number of Agency staff has decreased by 110 thousand, which will save tens of billions of rubles. The Ministry assured that will reduce the administrative structure, not like last time when towns and villages were left without guards and police precinct.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the reduction of staff numbers Ministry of internal Affairs by 10%.

“At the time, said exactly the same thing. The upshot was that cut bottoms”

“Set the maximum number of staff of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation (without the personnel on protection and service of buildings) funded from appropriations of the Federal budget, in the amount of 1 003 172 units, including officers in the amount of 835 825 employees, Federal state civil servants – 5123 people, workers – 162 of 224 people,” – said in the document.

Previous staff provided 1,113 million employees.

The interior Ministry assured that the reduction will occur mainly through management structures.

“It is expected that the drawdown will occur on the following principles: first, the same will be the number of units at the district level, that is, those who work directly “on the ground” and directly interact with the citizens”, – stated in the message.

“Secondly, the reduction will be made at the expense of members of management structures of the regional level and above, existing at the moment of shortage, as well as those of divisions of private security, which has provided legal support to the objects of protection which can carry out private security organizations and departmental security units,” – said the Agency.

Cuts after cuts

A large-scale reform of the interior Ministry was initiated at the end of 2009. Then, during the reforms the state police renamed the police, lost about 20% of employees. It was reported that before the reform the number of employees of the Russian interior Ministry amounted to about 1.4 million people. The output turned out that the Russian heartland were left without a district and traffic police.

As it turned out, during the downsizing of the police first dismissed the detectives who worked on the ground, while the staff remained in the system. Even the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev acknowledged that in many small towns was essentially eliminated bodies of internal Affairs. The big criticism was caused and re-certification of employees, which in many cases was hasty and not fully effective.

In 2013, the interior Ministry acknowledged that the last reform of the Agency decided not all problems and on some indicators even worsened the situation.

In March, media reported that during a closed meeting with representatives of “United Russia” before the governmental hour the head of Ministry of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev reported about the upcoming reduction of 110 thousand employees.

The Ministry of interior budget for this year is to 1.1854 trillion rubles. More than 80% of the costs, according to the Agency, scheduled for the payment of salaries, wages, pensions, benefits and compensations. That is, the reduction of 110 thousand positions can reduce the burden on the Treasury of about 80-90 billion.

“Or run away, or even will do nothing”

However, the police have some doubts that the cuts really affect primarily the bureaucracy, not like last time – regular police officers.

“Do not believe in the promises of the interior Ministry – said the newspaper LOOK the head of the police trade Union Mikhail Pashkin. – At the time, said exactly the same thing. The upshot was that the cut bottoms. Tops little cut, and then they filled positions on the ground. The number of private security – 45 thousand. Where will they go? Same with the rest, which declined. We are told that in MVD 6% shortage, and these positions and reduce. But you have at least one vacant position of chief personnel officer or seen? The bulk of the shortage is on the ground. And we say, “the earth” will not be reduced. So will reduce the operating personnel.”

Pashkin suggested that after the new rate increase, crime will begin to grow exponentially. “According to the latest data, the number of crimes increased by 5%. Now cut – will increase by 25%. For example, there are two operators, they have 20 materials. Each with its dozens of materials will understand the statutory period. And if one fall the 20 materials, he will have a hard time to meet the deadline, write papers, run to the Prosecutor’s office, etc. He will do only those that will unsubscribe, not to investigate criminal cases. But if instead of three there will be one, either flee from this work, or even will do nothing”.

“Not to bring the President

“It is important that the interior Ministry did not disappoint the President and reformed so that it does not impact on public safety, crime detection, crime prevention, – said the newspaper VIEW member of the security Commission of the Public chamber, Chairman of the public organization “Officers of Russia Anton Tsvetkov. – It is important to prevent the reduction of employees working “on the ground”. Last time they promised that the cuts will not affect them. However, in Moscow, for example, shortly before nurgalievskom reform was 3.3 thousand precinct. Now their number of staff – 2640″.

In his opinion, to reduce the staffing Agency can in the first place by managerial personnel. “This is possible due to the staff in the Ministry and in the regional offices. The territorial divisions to cut almost nobody. In addition, the interior Ministry has suspended the recruitment of staff, and there are some number of people who have retired, and their place is occupied by no one. It says it will cut staff shortage that now exists. But this shortage is just among the commissioners and patrol-guard service”, – said the Chairman of the Commission.

He assured that the Public chamber will monitor the progress of reform. “Soon we will hear the position of the interior Ministry, how are they going to do it. And through the regional public chambers and public councils will monitor the progress of the reduction in the regions”, – said Tsvetkov.

The political scientist Alexander Konkov has expressed the opinion that the staff reductions will not affect the crime situation. “It would have no impact on the crime situation in the country, because it goes in the direction of optimization, and in this case I don’t think the decision was made spontaneously, was probably identified program goals and objectives, for what it is. Accordingly, it identified specific division, which will be optimized”, – he said, RIA “Novosti”. “My abstract opinion, not associated with the analysis of the documents, I think that this optimization is not within the scope of criminal policy, not part of the operational services, but rather in the framework of bureaucratic procedures”, – he said.


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