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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In our opinion it chic: new building-the-box

You saw dance theatre straps until they hung decorations? Like lightly spinning the massive lifting and lowering platform on the stage, while it is not out of the Lord artists. And I saw: in “Snuff”. But not in the basement on Chaplygina, and at the Sukharev square. Here on 15 September, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin together with Oleg Tabakov solemnly cut the ribbon. Observer “MK” first visited the new theatre space and experienced a sensation close to the shock. Such a theatre in Moscow no one.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The scene is full of it.

10 years Oleg Tabakov and his guys waited for this day.

— No, Sonya, 10, and 30, tells me on the phone, Oleg Pavlovich. Is technically 10, as construction began and the capsule was buried in the pit. As they say, on the merits, the theatre received as an opportunity for further improvement in the profession.

Tobacco no longer remembers the disappointment, the shattered hopes, the promises, which consisted of these 10 years: the construction started, stopped again, continued, changed contractors and the chiefs, the ruble fell. Tobacco is not one of those who looks back, his heart in the future lives. In General, dreams come true, and understand that as soon as the street Gilyarovskogo cross the threshold of his new theatrical home.

Construction, interior decoration is finished, come the final stage — all wash, RUB, scrub to a Shine. My guide — Deputy Tabakova on a new building Anton Velichko. Recent months, he does not get out of here. He knows all the ins and outs: where the builders thin where it breaks, where theatre people hold for lohan, and, perhaps, himself new the theatres to build.

Go with him in the lobby. Wall cladding — granite-light-gray scheme. The hall can be accessed from the first and second floors via stairs, and for those who have problems with movements health problems, lift.

But the hall itself. Edge-to-TA-a-a! It is obvious especially in comparison with a pretty good basement, where the ceiling hangs over her head and stuffy, despite some ventilation.

Room has a capacity for 388 seats: 12 rows of 22 seats each, ” explains Anton.

— Why have the chairs a different color? Look in three colors — gray, dark gray and yellow.

— Color means different costs.

— Yellow is cheap?

— Well, why not, the edge is cheaper, and the center will be more expensive, ” says Anton.

In the hall it turns out that the scene is full of it. Here, for example, the stalls where he could remain a partner, or become foreground. How? Yes, the light touch of a button: the edge of the stage is lowered to floor level, and in the free space exhibited additional rows and 88 seats obtained. And if the edge to raise to the level of the stage increases stage space. And this gives you the opportunity to play shows that require more depth.

Tabakov theatre will open a new stage in September (26 photos)

Secret # 2. It turns out that this is not a simple edge, and the safe in which there are two shelves, and that they easily float away note. Sapost the new building of the Ilya Poluyanov shows and comments on technical capabilities of the stage. About it he says well, just as his girlfriend: we immediately see a fan of his work.

— Top — 33 pipe lift, turntable, slewing ring, one person writes the program, and then with a small remote controlled the whole scene. Now, if the Director once staged, second of all ordered, and we threw the stick, every time is like the Director said. In turn, this will eliminate conflicts in art-production team. Now we show you show. Are you all ready? Awaiting your command.

And here is a start! Driving under the rock in the air float, and in different configurations, all straps 33: squirm like waves, falling like rain. But is that Swan lake dance of the little swans is not yet performed. But the potential is visible. Spotlight (yellow, purple and white) only adds to this dance of romance. Few have seen such a triumph pipe and theatre mechanics. And then there’s the fairy — tale stage the bowels of the stage opened up and out came hard this design is similar to several connected with each other arches.

— What is it?

Is lifting and lowering the platform! They go from the hold. Now you will see everything, ” says Ilya.

In the eyes of an admiring public heavy platform like Kustodiev’s merchant’s wife, easy spinning in different directions. And, incidentally, already looks ready for decoration: I want to retire with Ostrovsky, and want to Durnenkov with Grishkovets.

Ilya commented:

— For the artist, for the Director there are opportunities incredible! Moreover, the security system allows the artist to quietly go inside — nothing will happen. That is where he can quietly move, and it will not smear, will not hurt. Our security system is more modern than even in a Large theatre.

— And if the artist is still relaxed, you will are addicted to?

In this case, touched by this little rubber thingy, and the machine will stop. The artist moved away, and the car will go further. Went to the stage.

And here we are inside this hi-tech “beauty”. The feast of the spirit! … A sense of their own insignificance before the power of progress. And then the treacherous thought: “I will Not kill you technique a living feeling, a living theater, which is faster and faster trying frantically to keep up with technical progress? Spectacular, visual glasses theater recruits, and meaningful can lose. However, this is not about “Snuff”, where it is alive and nerve, and anxious feeling. Where the tear yet natural, not from the button. And the artist is not yet the gadget.

Tabakov theatre will open a new stage in September (26 photos)

Then a magical show is over. The audience (workers, engineers, cleaners) applauded. Finished cheering. Descend into the hold, he had a glass wall and door. Trying security system — do stops at the first touch. But for some reason I remembered “Operation “y”. When the bully and parasite, sent to correctional work (great comic actor Smirnov), is interested in ideological superintendent (equally gorgeous Pugovkin): “you on building accidents were?” No. — “Will”. God forbid, I think.

And Ilya fervently explains to me something about troubetzkoy system (in other theatres all on the hydraulics), about the engineers and mechanics, the state of which is now dramatically increased. And even refutes all my misgivings about glass doors, which can jam in the hold:

It’s impossible to have all your insurance and warranty.

By the way, when September 15 will inaugurate the “Snuff box”, then in the hold, preparing a secret, which is now thoroughly hidden. I know who it will be hidden, but… someone else’s mystery above all.

— Give a signal that we were taken upstairs, commands radioed Ilia concludes: — As you can see, it’s all very modern, very compact equipment, it can be compared to Swiss watches, small but very complex.

Strong experience at every step. For example, the ceiling in the hall: it is not easy, and acoustic, that is wavy. Still in drama theatres such did not. Electronic system for virtual acoustics “VIVACE” up to “Snuff” is also never used, only in Opera, and not in every. German experts who worked on all the equipment specifically for the “Snuff-box”, set up the sound: the man was moving around the stage in depth and there talking quietly. In the foreground of the sound equipment had picked up, pulled and correctly strengthened. So the hall is not visible hefty columns that usually hit the ears of the audience. At the perimeter of the room is a small gray plugs, they are small speakers.

Go with Anton in the backstage part. The first thing to get into the apartment of artistic Director — reception, office, however, is quite modest in size, and a relaxation room. Here’s his make-up table, as Oleg Pavlovich continues to go on stage in several productions. There’s a fridge, two armchairs and a sofa — stuff he loves. A woman veiled sofa plaid blanket.

Luxurious dressing rooms — there’s 23 of them, and after basement Chaplygin look just a resort area.

— Each has a separate dressing room? On Chaplygin-then you have one at all.

— Not everyone, but the conditions are incomparable. Is one, and in them, see, stage make-up table, sofa, sink to wash off the makeup. And there are three.

And a special pride of the settlers and the envy of all others is two rehearsal rooms, large and small. And repeats the size of the stage and is located directly above the auditorium. And in order to noisy rehearsal did not prevent the audience to watch the performances, and there is one little trick: the floor is suspended and does not give vibration to the architecture.

Oleg Tabakov, which these days in the crazy rhythm exists, or rather, torn between Moscow art theatre, the old “Snuff” and the new, tells me that the building at the Sukharev season will be tough.

Because, Marisha, it will be necessary to adapt the performances to a new scene.

— Oleg Pavlovich, what you are experiencing in the new building, what feelings?

— I now, as they say, bourgeois. Happily for me, it’s almost like a child, gift for the New year.

So, dancing pipe, high tech equipment, comfort and beauty to a foyer with a behind-the-scenes part enjoy 15 September. The action plan on this day will be: Grand opening with ribbon cutting, holiday, which prepares the actor and Director Vitaly Egorov, well, after the fanfare will start working.

Watch the video on “Oleg Tabakov 119 again gathered the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow art theater”


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