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Friday, March 23, 2018

Experts appreciated the idea of the new reduction of the staff of the Ministry of interior

The interior Ministry and FSKN are coming cuts. According to media reports, this is done for more efficient use of budget funds. The main emphasis will be the reduction of Central office and boards, the district units should not be affected. Experts say that the generals to trim would not hurt, but you need to take into account the errors of previous reforms.

From center to ground

“There is a functioning working group on reform”

In the near future in the Russian security agencies, particularly the interior Ministry and the Federal service for control over drug trafficking (FSKN), there will be a considerable reduction of staff. These measures are connected with optimization of financial security, improving efficiency of budget spending”, and the basis for them was the decree of President Vladimir Putin’s July 10, 2014, said on Thursday “Kommersant”.

“The ongoing transformations involve the reallocation of budgetary funds for the implementation of the main tasks for combating organized drug crime, the elimination of international drug trafficking, counteraction to distribution in territory of Russia of new psychoactive substances”, – noted in FDCS.

It promised to reform with observance of all social guarantees and labor laws, adds TASS.

While while in office are not able to identify the extent of the cuts. According to sources, the specific numbers will appear only after it will be finally adjusted budgetary financing of the relevant services.

Reduce staff involvement in the Ministry. While sources in the Ministry stress that the optimization of the staffing structure will be conducted on the same principle, which the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev follows in recent years: reduced the number of Central office and the administrations in the regions and district managers will not be touched. And on the contrary, said police over the last time was recovered in rural and remote areas, about 100 departments, eliminated in the reform of 2009-2011.

The Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs for the last time has already been reduced by one third – almost 3 thousand staff members, they were handed “on the ground”. Already eliminated the Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Federal districts.

The same principle was carried out of the reduction in the regional Chapter. The Minister introduced the practice of unscheduled audits on the mismanagement of employees: it is about those officers who, while remaining in the state of some units really worked in others. In identifying such cases of “misuse” rate was abolished and transferred to those units on the ground, where acute shortages of staff.

“Less generals, the better”

As told the newspaper LOOK member of the Commission on public safety and public scrutiny of the Public chamber of Dmitry Galochkin, any changes must be thought out, since they can now both benefit and harm. However, he believes that new cuts in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs will be conducted properly.

“There is a functioning working group on reform, headed by Vladimir S. ovchinsky. This group and other experts have worked out various schemes of the optimization and expansion of certain departments. This work was conducted, and will be, regardless of all the “crises”. That is, the current situation may push the adoption of some decisions, but one of the scripts that you need to do, and the experience of the reform is already there,” he said.

Galochkin reminded that the Chinese symbol for the word “crisis” has two meanings – a problem and opportunity. The difficult economic situation and the need for fiscal austerity, he is encouraged to evaluate it as an opportunity to change something to good use.

Galochkin, however, acknowledged that the results of the previous reform of the police, a number of new problems. In particular, reduced the number of employees patrulno-sentry duty. In comparison with Soviet times the number of police officers in Russia as a percentage of population and size of territory continues to be high.

“The main emphasis of the cuts should be made on the fact that people remained in the field and actually worked, not doing paperwork, – said the expert. – And that often staff members have nine-tenths of his time to spend on paperwork. The professionals involved in the reform, all understand this and will work to change the situation,” he concluded.

In turn, the head of the independent trade Union of police of Moscow Mikhail Pashkin welcomed the reduction of Central offices of security agencies, adding that at the end of last year, the Central staff of the MIA received the award, at times in excess of those received by people on earth.

“If there are cuts, most importantly, these positions were transferred to the land and appropriate financing”, – he stressed.

And the shortage in various units of the police after the last serious reform. “Just today I spoke with one employee. They division patrol no half people,” said Pashkin.

Most of all, according to him, people are now in need of patrol, criminal investigation Department and the district office. In addition to the Central office, in his opinion, if not greatly reduce, but to withdraw from the staff, you need staff of the information centres of the Ministry of internal Affairs, rear services, services personnel.

“And the less generals, the better. In Soviet times, in Moscow there was only one General, and when I came here the service in 84-m to year, the General management was headed by the Colonel. Now the Moscow commander-in-chief directs Lieutenant-General, he was Colonel-General,” – said the head of the Union.

Pashkin also urged all heads of police units to check on the lie detector in the presence of deputies, journalists and other members of the public.

Previous experience of reforming

We will remind, in the end of 2009 in Russia was initiated large-scale reform of the interior Ministry. During the reforms the state police renamed the police has lost almost 20% of employees. The Russian heartland were left without the precinct and cops.

It was also revealed that during the downsizing of the police first dismissed the detectives who worked on the ground, while the staff remained in the system. Even the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev acknowledged that in many small towns was essentially eliminated bodies of internal Affairs. The big criticism was caused and re-certification of employees, which in many cases was hasty and not fully effective.

In 2013, the interior Ministry acknowledged that the last reform of the Agency decided not all problems and on some indicators even worsened the situation.

However, a number of experts noted that whatever the reform, but the office she was needed.

So, the General-the Lieutenant of militia, a former state Duma Deputy Alexander Gurov said the newspaper VIEW: “Reform, as though we criticise it, it’s gone. 200 thousand was dismissed. Not to say that all were unworthy, then even money would be offenders. But most of the laid-off – those who either have served already and not drawn, or they had some incriminating data. And this process continues.”


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