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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dogs do understand that tells them people

When the dog’s owner say about his pet that he “understands everything, but can not say”, such a statement might be much closer to the truth than it seems at first glance. A recent study conducted by neuroscientists from the University of Budapest, showed that dogs are able to distinguish the intonation of the owner, and the value of many of the words they uttered, even if they are not a learned command.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts have used magnetic resonance imaging to compare how the human brain and a dog’s brain processes the sounds of human speech. As it turned out, in both cases involved the same parts of the brain, and also used similar “algorithms” of information processing — the left hemisphere of the brain processes the sounds themselves that make up the word, deciphering their meaning, the right hemisphere evaluates how the intonation of these words was uttered, and then all these data is combined.

Experts report that during the experiment they asked the owners to read my dogs with different words, and meaningless combinations of sounds, using different intonation. Due to this, experts are convinced that dogs are indeed able to distinguish real words from non-existent, and therefore, at least in General terms, to understand their meaning. Dogs also reacted differently to the phrase, uttered with different intonation — if the intonation implied that pet praised, activated centers responsible for the feeling of pleasure.

Scientists suggest that the brain structures necessary in order to at least partially understand human speech in the course of evolution, were formed long before the first speech, in fact, sounded. It is, in all probability, and allowed dogs to “set” your brain to better understand their own master.

A study published in the journal Science.


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