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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Between Putin, Poroshenko and Obama: the Kremlin has revealed the intricacies of the G20

The Kremlin failed to exclude from the negotiations in the “Norman format” Petro Poroshenko and hold on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China meeting the “Troika” instead of “four”. “And the old woman is proruha” – commented the erroneous announcements of the press service, Dmitry Peskov. A presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that now coordinated two meetings of Putin — Hollande and Merkel. “For both the main topic will be Ukraine”, – he stressed.

photo: kremlin.ru

The idea to use the G20 summit for a meeting in the “Normandy format” was first put forward Petro Poroshenko. The implementation of the Minsk agreements stalled — the leaders of Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine, met in the autumn of 2015, clearly there is a lot to talk about openly.

The Kremlin did not initially objected. Ukraine is not a member of the “Big twenty”, but if Putin asked the other si, Poroshenko could include in the guest list, along with the presidents of Kazakhstan, Chad, Egypt, etc.

However, after the sabotage in the Crimea, the responsibility for the organization of which Moscow has put on the Ukrainian defense Ministry, against the holding of the meeting in the quadripartite format was sharply negative.

Perhaps the role played not so much by the saboteurs, as the Kremlin’s unwillingness to do with his hands of Petro Poroshenko “hero of the day”. After one meeting of the “Quartet” business in China is clearly not limited to, Peter would have tried to make maximum use of the situation, publicly polekauskas on the shoulder of world leaders, including Barack Obama. And Vladimir Putin has an official meeting with the American President at the G20 are not yet scheduled.

The white house said it will try to organize contact between the two leaders on the sidelines of the summit, moreover, that this contact may be the last. Theoretically, before the expiry of the powers of the President of the United States, Putin and Obama could meet in November at the APEC summit in Peru. But, for example, last year GDP it did not go, sending instead, Dmitry Medvedev.

Yuri Ushakov said that the last time all the negotiations the American and Russian leaders happen on their own initiative, and not by prior arrangement. The presidents meet in international events (so, for example, was the last “twenty” in Antalya and the UN General Assembly in new York) and retire for conversation. The white house has already outlined the two main topics that could be discussed in China, is Syria and Ukraine.

As for the “Normandy format”, then refusing to negotiate with Petro Poroshenko, the Kremlin had tried “to think on three”. And even officially announced a meeting of Putin with President of France Francois Hollande and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel 4 or 5 September. However, the Berlin to Paris the agreement on the hot tracks is not confirmed (one can only imagine what a scandal threw them in Kyiv, and recently it became known that a press-service of the Kremlin overreacted: three-way “Normandy format”, of course, favorable for Russia, will not.

Initially on the phone it was agreed to hold a trilateral meeting to thoroughly discuss the situation in Ukraine and ways of further cooperation in the Minsk process, but then our colleagues, referring to the chart, chose to hold two bilateral meetings — separately with Hollande and Merkel separately, explained the quintessence of diplomatic battles Ushakov. However, while, according to him, none of the meetings are not officially recorded.” The Russian side hopes to hold talks with Hollande on the evening of 4 September, with Merkel — 5 September.

However, even assuming that the graphics for some reason, again do not coincide, and Obama will decide to postpone parting with Putin before the APEC, the lack of meetings of the Russian leader in the coming days in any case will not.

Before departure to China in Vladivostok, it will take the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-Hye. The Japanese finally made up my mind to formally invite GDP to Japan — a visit at the insistence of the USA was postponed for two years. It is expected that Putin will travel home Abe in December: the business and culture program will be finalized in Vladivostok.

In China, the Russian head will traditionally meet with the President of China XI Jinping: according to Ushakov, the leaders of the mandatory communicate at all international events that highlights the special nature of relations between the two countries. (By the way, Chinese media have reported that Putin will be the chief guest of the current G20).

In addition, GDP will have meetings with the new President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, recently changed exalted Cristina Kirchner, the leader of Egypt’s Al-Sisi, the intensive contacts which virtually disappeared after the attack with the Russian plane, and the newfound friend Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s talking about the schedule, highlighted the contact with the new Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may, from the Kremlin, according to him, waiting for some momentum to resume at least the necessary relations. As well as negotiations with the receiver of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud — they will focus on “roughness” (and if we put aside diplomatic language, direct contradictions) on the Syrian track.


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