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Monday, March 12, 2018

A signal from aliens: opening of Russian astronomers opened a whole world

Russian astronomers again as far into the 65th year, “found the aliens, however, reported to the world by the Americans. Not only as a signal from another civilization quick to call some experts in the West is the flash, which was recorded by astronomers from the Special astrophysical Observatory in Nizhniy Arkhyz.

photo: pixabay.com

The event occurred more than a year ago, was out of the ordinary, strange, but Russian scientists remained true to himself — an inveterate like the scouts did not say any information to greedy for such news to the public.

In the end, after failing independently to deal with the “super outbreak” that caught their radio telescope RATAN-600 in the direction HD164595 star system in the constellation Hercules, sent information to your Western colleagues to consult. Here only the Americans did not remain silent and immediately, not later, on Monday, published a sensation throughout the world.

The American Institute of search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI have already started to search in the constellation Hercules brothers in mind. And what our astronomers? For an objective evaluation of the incident we appealed to the Russian expert in the field of search for extraterrestrial signals, the senior scientific employee of the State astrophysical Institute. Sternberg, Moscow state University. Lomonosov Lion Ghindilis.

First, that occurred on 15 may, 2015 in Nizhny Arkhyz.

On this day, the telescope RATAN-600 was aimed at the star HD164595, a neighborhood which is considered a potential abode for extraterrestrial civilizations due to the similarity to our Sun. Almost is it counterpart, which is at the distance of 95 light years from Earth.

In 2015 near HD164595 scientists have discovered large exoplanets, it is 16 times larger than the Earth and revolves around the star in 40 days. If there is life in the usual sense? Hope its habitability gives a powerful signal from the vicinity of the exoplanet directly towards Earth at a wavelength of 2.7 cm. At this wavelength emit many sources, but the characteristics may signal of Hercules was more than strange.

First of all, because he was very confident, clear, on power comparable to the signal from the moon, and even brighter with her or any known pulsar, which is rare.

Such a signal, according to representatives of the SETI, could generate supercivilization, mastered the energy of the sun.

Information, according to news agencies, have already expressed interest in two groups of researchers in the United States: one is run by a leading SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, the other Arcs Vakoc, President of the METI programme, aimed at the establishment of communication with aliens, and not just their search. They are already preparing to follow a star in the constellation Hercules telescope ATA (Antenna array Allen (The Allen Telescope Array) is a joint project of the SETI Institute and the radio astronomy laboratory of the University of California at Berkeley) and a number of other devices.

Outdoor Russians, the signal will be one of the main topics for discussion at the annual meeting of the Permanent Council of SETI when the International astronomical Union, which will be held on September 27 in Mexican Guadalajara.

No need to make a big sensation, warns Lev Mironovich Gindilis. – Discoverers of the signal from the star decided to attract the attention of the scientific community to try to figure out what it is, nothing more. Perhaps it is a signal from another civilization. But evidence is not. Astronomers observed the flare in just two seconds, and it never repeated itself, although observations before and after it was very long. By the way, the lack of repetition is a disadvantage when it comes to collecting arguments in favor of man-made radio signal.

– What could it be, if we exclude the version about the contactees?

– The next step experts has become a search of all possible sources of interference that could cause such a signal. The intensity of the radio emission could give a flying aircraft or a space satellite.

This version was tested once more in Arkhyz and from the shallows because of the characteristics of the signal did not coincide with those that can be obtained from the aircraft to terrestrial objects.

Now the problem is that together with Western colleagues to find other explanations for what happened, to try to see this star on other telescopes. Maybe we just don’t know any other cosmic source, capable of sending such signals.

This “lesson” we were in 1965. We then watched a cosmic radio source of STA-102. He had quite an interesting spectrum resembled the spectrum of an artificial source, and it was suggested to look at its variability ( in the time variables of the natural sources are open and not was, but because if the source would be the variability, then it would be considered man-made). And now it turns out that our STA was indeed variable. Its intensity has varied with a period of 102 days (which coincided with its assigned number).

This was the reason for the “sensations” of the Western press made a fuss: “Soviet scientists have discovered an alien civilization transmitting the AC signal!”. Then, as if playing with us, CTA-102 is stopped to change the intensity, and in the West, said: “the Russians made a mistake.”

In fact, not wrong (about the variability): a few years later we found that this source again “become involved.” It turned out that he belonged to this type of natural phenomena, as variable radio sources — quasars. We may now, due to the unusual signal from the star HD164595, will open a new type of sources that don’t know yet.


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