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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Vitaly Yegorov: We can check, the Americans landed on the moon

“I have no doubt that they landed. But I want to show that these things are pointless to argue, because they can be checked: all there is left, there is” – said the newspaper VIEW enthusiast Vitaliy Egorov, who opened the fundraiser for the launch of Sputnik to the moon and search for traces of the landing of Americans on it.

More than a million rubles were collected via the crowdfunding platform during the four days of the project, a small satellite that needs to go to the moon to film the lunar surface, including the landings “Apollo.” From 2011 to 2015 of the landing module “Apollo” station “Surveyor”, the Soviet “Lunokhod” and station series is “the Moon” repeatedly acted with NASA LRO satellite. Russian enthusiasts expect not only to obtain images of higher resolution, but also to conduct a number of research works in aid of the Russian space Agency, about the author Vitaly Egorov said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

“I’m so tired to wait when something will fly, I said, let’s do this ourselves”

VIEW: You can already sum up the preliminary results of your action?

Vitaly Yegorov: the Minimum requested us companies amount is reached, and we have already begun to work. We are determined to keep his word and to prepare a project description which we have given. When he’s ready – it will take not less than six months – then we’ll much better understand the technical features and capabilities of our system, requirements, cost, estimated budget, deadlines, etc.

Vitaly Yegorov plans to launch the device until 2020 (photo: vk.com/zelenyi_koteyka)

OPINION: How the amount collected corresponds with your expectations?

V. E.: This is what we hoped for. Now we have tackled the issue with data transfer. To the radio transmitter from the moon has serious requirements, due to the large distances. We are trying to consider different technical solutions. Maybe there will be two transmitters, and it may be a laser transmitter.

OPINION: What artifacts you expect to find on the moon?

V. E.: Automatic station plan to study the trace of manned landings, there remained a boarding step.

“Apollo” and “lunar Rover” is such a “public” purpose, that is, we want to make photos of objects that are interesting to society, but for scientists, a lack of interest. We would also like to survey the polar regions of the moon, because in the future they are interesting from the point of view of the development and construction of the base. We are ready to do this survey on their own initiative and submit it to the Russian space Agency, below, if they decide ever to take off and land, they already had good maps and images of terrain.

OPINION: How did you come to this idea?

V. E.: For me the most interesting part of the space are unmanned exploration of the Solar system. This is far enough, and that at least unmanned way you can really “touch”. And that is exactly the direction of research, in which Roscosmos complete failure. 25 years Roscosmos did not launched on earth orbit, two attempts ended in the Pacific, and all. And I am so tired of waiting for something fly that I said let’s do it ourselves. But “Apollo” is an object, need to look at which is most evident in the society. And though he is difficult, but feasible, and really attract any serious money, at least to start, to take the first step in their space program. From this point of view Apollo look the most attractive.

I’m sure if not me, then someone else would have conceived and began to implement such a program.

In three years your blogista on the space theme I got acquainted with a large number of people, including professionals in the space business. I went to friends and asked to try.

OPINION: IN connection with your project especially roughly discussed your plans to verify the authenticity of landing Americans on the moon…

V. E.: I Personally have no doubt that they landed. But here I want to show that these things are pointless to argue, because they can be checked: all there is left, there is. Now have the opportunity to check it out. Previously it was only capable of state. Now trying to make it public.

This is partly a kind of experiment: but is society ready for such an independent space program? And on top of fundraising, interaction with the public I see that there is such a need, many people are interested. Many are willing to help the ruble, space industry professionals propose to tackle a particular problem.

OPINION: How do you envisage the start?

V. Y.: We hope that we will get some kind of government missile, at least in the direction of the moon launch. And here on the lunar transition orbit, the device should work, we are preparing him to do so. He will have to brake and enter orbit. This is a very difficult task. But such a start can be negotiated. It happens that the rocket underload, and then space agencies send their information to the partners about it. It is sometimes commercially, sometimes you can negotiate the exchange of scientific data. I think we will be able to sell the capabilities of our apparatus, and the Indians or the Chinese will do us a discount or for free we will take over the exchange of scientific data. But of course, I wish it was the prerogative of the Russian space Agency – in the presence of their rockets to go to the Chinese are not very nice.

LOOK: If all goes according to your plan, when is the flight?

V. E.: I Think two years will be spent on design, but it will be a complete study of the project – up to each transaction. A lot depends on how much money we get. With a good scenario I hope to fly until 2020.


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