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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Traffic police leading the hunt for shadows and reflections

The Metropolitan system of video fixing of infringements of traffic regulations causing more complaints from drivers. It turned out that she is unable to distinguish between a car violate the rules, from his own shadows and reflections falling on the forbidden to cross the zone. Experts are trying to deal with the problem and understand who is to blame, technology or people.

Moscow drivers are complaining about getting unjustified fines for crossing a solid.

“It’s just a technical means which fix and lay the blame on them is hardly possible”

On Tuesday, the driver Dmytro Vorona said, on July 20, after a heavy rain he received notification of penalty for departure on the margins (part 1 of article 12.15 of the administrative code). The footage from the camera shows that on the side came a glare of headlights on a wet road. “Violation” was recorded at 55 km of Moscow ring road. Dmitry Crow filed a complaint in the traffic police, but still has not received clarification.

“I sent in early August a complaint. I know by law they are entitled to respond within 30 days. Of course, another term failed, but the answer is still no they are not”, – told the radio station “Moscow speaking” driver.

Employees of capital management of traffic police conducted checks on the complaint of a driver who received a fine for driving on the shoulder due to glare from headlights. “In the near future, the citizen will receive the answer,” – said the source TASS in law enforcement bodies, without specifying the content of the response.

Before the wide public resonance was received by history owner Honda CR-V received a fine for the shadow of his car crossed the solid.

He has also published on automotive Internet portal Pikabu the camera images where it is visible as a shadow from the car crosses a continuous strip. The incident occurred on August 25 at the intersection of the Lipetsk street-MKAD interchange. The driver filed a complaint in the traffic police.

It is known that in the Moscow management of traffic police have called a penalty for crossing a solid line shadow of the car by mistake and canceled the order. In the state traffic Inspectorate noted that the error was due to the failure of the complex of photo and video recordings.

In addition, the comments to the post about the shadow, the driver under the name DonPoddon said that he received an order for the recovery because the shadow of the truck going in front of him, crossed solid and got on the road.

Commenting on the incidents, the duty of management of traffic police across Moscow Elena Volodina stated that this is the first such case, noting that the system failure is eliminated. “The judgment against the vehicle owner will be cancelled. He will not have to pay a fine,” – said Volodin.

Problematic camera

The head of Movement of motorists of Russia, doctor of law Viktor Pokhmelkin said that earlier with complaints of similar incidents, the owners have not appealed.

“The traffic police need to conduct a thorough inspection. Whether there was a failure in the video system, or is the human factor. If it is proven that what happened to blame the employee, then it should be used punishment up to dismissal. In any case, such decisions must be appealed and revoked,” – said the newspaper VIEW Pokhmelkin. He also warned drivers paying fines through the portal of public services, to be vigilant and check issued fines.

In turn, the head of Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev noted that drivers have repeatedly complained about the deficiencies in the equipment photo video.

“It’s just a technical means which fix and lay the blame on them is hardly possible. The traffic police still have to view the video and remove the video evidence, which do not correspond to traffic violations. In this case the human factor has worked, when people did not pay attention,” – said the newspaper VIEW channel.

The channel added that the owners repeatedly received complaints about failures in the images. For example, the fines for Parking on the strip of public transport near the metro, although in reality, the man dropped off the passenger. “Sometimes the camera is wrong and prescribes the penalty for the other car. For example, a vehicle travelling at 100 km per hour, the higher the resolution, the penalty may be discharged to the vehicle traveling with the observance of traffic rules by which the intruder passed,” said he.

Public men take the situation under control

Public Council under the Russian interior Ministry will take the control over the imposition of a traffic police regulations, drawn up on the basis of the systems of photo and video materials for a number of high profile penalties, said the Chairman of the Board Anatoly Kucherena.

“We will also create a special group at the Public Council of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, which will directly carry out public control over the how the procedure of adoption of relevant procedural documents, i.e. orders, how they are made, how effectively they monitor the pictures that are attached, how they work with these materials before to make the corresponding decision”, – told RIA “news” the coachman.

The PCA Chairman of the interior Ministry cited statistics across Moscow according to which daily through the system of photo and video recording is from 250 to 300 million vehicles, traffic violations of different kinds each day there are about 250-300 thousand regulations that make the traffic police, about 40 to 60 thousand.

“This is a huge job. We may be on the line of the Public Council at the interior view, as it is necessary to strengthen this service in the analysis of the material that comes from the system photos and video, to improve the quality of the work of the traffic police”, – he said.

In this case, said the interlocutor of the Agency, the traffic police, if a license plate isn’t clearly visible, must not proceed from assumptions”, in order that this is the car that was in the database.

In addition, he added, it is necessary to enable a person not to go to classrooms, proving his innocence, and through the website of the traffic police to write a letter of complaint bodies will be able to review and promptly render a decision”. “We need to make it so that if violations were found, they were removed automatically”, – concluded the Chairman of the Board.


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