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Friday, March 23, 2018

To save the Russian state

Human behavior is the result of his ideas about himself, wrong “zbaviteni” (and overestimation, and underestimation) — inevitably results in mistakes… the same principle applies to society. Nationwide projects, policies, actions — summary of a national identity. And identification is a direct derivative of history. So, where there is no history, will not be ideological harmony and unity of the country.

But the history of the twentieth century, the official and constantly changing — we are building communism, then rise from his knees, then execute the Emperor, acknowledge the Holy and innocent… but a real, sustainable, we have not written. Archival GULAG hides many of the events, but even worse is the fact that the official historical philosophy carried out a suicide — it does not offer generalizations, conclusions and assessments of the past (this is called “hard questions”) and builds a strategy for the future. Confirms the discussion about the “anniversary” of the coup. The only conclusion to which it leads, — in public opinion and in the reasoning of experts are combined incompatible views and opinions. The event of a national scale does not fit in the national consciousness, because, I repeat, of history, and we have to fit it in … And against the background of informchaos all clearly heard those who declare: victory GKCHP would be useful, and his defeat — an unfortunate accident.

Look for the answer together?

About the beginning of our crisis. The fundamental crisis of the late nineteenth century, faced Russia — the extinction of Christianity, which served as the basis of our worldview. In the sphere of politics and law, the crisis has shown that the legitimation of power through the process of Bogomazova encountered the gaining influence of atheism.

But Russia had heard of Fyodor Dostoevsky — if God does not exist, everything is permitted and responded to the February revolution. Its main objective is the transition from “power of God” to “power from the people”, i.e. to free elections. Challenging for giant, warring States, the transition process disrupted criminal the October revolution, which led to the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly. From January 1918, the Bolsheviks created a quasi-state became illegitimate, relying instead of the law, violence, censorship, and propaganda. The Russian tragedy gave rise to popular resistance…

The first Soviet thaw, or what was announced NEP? At the initial stage of Sovietization of popular protest led to the Civil war. Its culmination — Kronstadt (1921) and the Tambov rebellion in 1920-1922 years. Mass armed resistance of the people forced the red leaders to realize nezamestnanosti historical Russia, its Soviet-Communist mutant. The new government went back on their word. On X Congress of the RCP(b) Lenin announced a temporary retreat and the transition to the NEP, long before proposed by the Menshevik Martov.

The abandonment of “war communism”, a limited restoration of private property and market relations began to become a reality. The transition to NEP — the first Soviet “thaw” — lasted less than 10 years. At the turn of the years 1928-1929 Stalin, to strengthen his own power, said the refusal of the NEP and the transition to the policy of “great change”. Since the management of the country after the October revolution remained in the hands of parthasarathi, to carry out political maneuver was easy.

1930-1940-ies in Soviet history marked by destruction of the peasantry and collectivization”, i.e. subordination to the center of the last free sector of the economy — agriculture, militarization and then the mobilization capacity of the state to victory in world war II. All this was achieved by means of mass repressions, terror, artificial famine and deportation of entire peoples. The protest potential of the society continuously increased and sometimes regained the form of civil war…

The second “thaw” and Nikita Khrushchev. After the death of Stalin, in the summer of 1953, the Vorkuta and Norilsk broke out a powerful uprising of the prisoners. At the final stage a protest in Vorkutlag 100 thousand escaped to freedom of the prisoners were preparing to enter the city and turn on the radio to the peoples of the USSR and to the whole world… the Kremlin has dispatched bombers on the outskirts of the capital of the miners defeated the rebels…

After analyzing the results of the “revolution-cons”, the new leader Nikita Khrushchev announced a de-Stalinization and moved on to the dissolution of the camps. Did the second “thaw”. I will add that the myth of the “historic role” of the twentieth Congress is nothing like the operation of the information cover. The story this time did the people, not the leader, who was again forced to retreat… meanwhile everything that happened affected the worldview of the partnachalnika. By 1962, (we remember the uprising of workers in Novocherkassk!) Khrushchev realized the futility of the Soviet system and began to prepare its removal. But dissent “party comrades” two years later sent “the faithful Leninist” under house arrest.

The Soviet Union after Khrushchev. The second “thaw” ended, and the mode is switched to the new “tightening the screws”. However, to restore the GULAG was no longer possible, and the repression have acquired a “dot” character. Hundreds and thousands of citizens were declared and dissidents were sent to prisons and mental hospitals. Independently minded writers, artists, musicians, people of theatre and cinema has lost ability to work, and the fact that they had time to develop, prohibits censorship. Some unruly were sent abroad.

The activity of the security services have been quite successful, and by the mid-1980s to protest was no one. Soviet lawlessness was everywhere approved, the Soviet government and the Soviet people could declare victory. But by this time the impossibility of the so-called “Communist rules” became apparent to all, continue to continue “to carry with honor”, “face”, “to strengthen the defense”, “fight for peace” and “rally more closely around the native Leninist Central Committee” was absolutely impossible. The senselessness of the lost decades of aware of not only society but also the nomenclature. In the country began restructuring…

“Thaw” No. 3, only the conclusions. On perestroika and the putsch, much has been written, therefore, based on the logic you just skip to conclusions. The failure of the last attempt to get up from his head to his feet” the country does not stand up. …Today, the authorities admit through gritted teeth that the industry ceased to be profitable — the more you produce, the higher the debts, the social sphere — education, medicine, pension collapses that half of the necessary food we have to buy abroad that 25 million people are malnourished… the most urgent challenges the Kremlin responds with the creation of the national guard.

So how do you get out of the crisis and keep their own state? A policy of minimizing inconsistent, cowardly, and partly just the bastard Gorbachev-Yeltsin “thaw” it is necessary to replace a complete rejection of Soviet times and return to Russia. We need a Russian Nuremberg, have to organize ourselves and, God forbid, not the occupying power. We need to “make a memory” and restore their own history. Need to return to the Russian place names, calendar, a system of values, needs our Leninabad. Need a lustration of the item, the elections to the Constituent Assembly…

Where to start? The third of the “thaw” our people came in a state of “deep unity”. Today we got not only in isolation from the outside world, but in isolation from each other, our society is extremely atomized. Social relationships corroded by the rust of lies and mistrust. To remove the lies from the public dialogue, to expose the moral condemnation of liars. To remember and not forget the precepts of their teachers — to live not by lies! These are the first steps of the road map for the salvation of our state.

Back to the Russian route!


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