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Friday, March 16, 2018

The technology of shale oil is developed due to sanctions

Made in Russia another important technological breakthrough has created its own technology to develop hard-to-reach shale oil. This step is important because Western sanctions have closed for Russian oil access to the corresponding foreign products. But in the end it sanctions and stimulate their own domestic research.

“Gazprom Neft is the first in Russia used the whole cycle of technologies used in the world for the development of shale oil. The most modern technology of hydraulic fracturing was tested in wells in the so-called Bazhenov formation, which belong to the category of shale oil. That is why the technology for its production has got under sanctions of the USA and the EU, and Russian companies began to develop technologies of production of shale oil.

“This is an important and unique achievement. We begin to develop the necessary competence who has previously brought from foreign partners”

According to “Gazprom Neft”, the company has completed the construction of a well with a horizontal section 1 m for the development of unconventional reserves of the Bazhenov formation. In the high-tech well devyatietazhnyj conducted hydraulic fracturing (HF) obtained anhydrous gushing inflow of oil from the productive horizons located at a depth of 2.3 thousand meters. Oil production rate is more than 45 tons per day, the report said.

The results of the use of complex operations in the Bazhenov formation, which has not yet been determined effective ways of industrial development, prove the possibility of full-scale development of these resources in the future, says the company.

“Drilling in the Bazhenov formation horizontal well length of 1000 m, conduct multi-stage fracturing in conditions of external economic constraints is unique not only for the company but also for the Russian oil and gas industry. The success of the work can be regarded as a huge step forward in the development of difficult reserves,” – said the first Deputy General Director of “Gazprom oil” Vadim Yakovlev.

Americans to master the production of shale oil, spent 30 years and $ 30 billion. Russia has in reserve no more than 10 years to develop and begin to apply its own technology for such production, and to draw on the experience of the US not mentioned earlier scientific Director of the Institute of petroleum Geology and Geophysics SB RAS, Chairman of RAS scientific Council on problems of Geology and development of oil and gas academician Alexey Kontorovich.

“Gazprom Neft” actively worked on search technologies for the development of the Bazhenov formation (mainly on the territory of KHMAO. Here we have two pilot projects for the study of the Bazhenov formation: the Palyanovskaya area of krasnoleninskoye field and the Yuzhno-Priobskoye field. Only this year on the development of the Bazhenov formation will be invested about 2 billion rubles.

A month ago scientific and technical center of Gazprom Neft in the consortium of leading Russian institutes made up the adaptation of technology studies of the properties of the core (rock sample) to the reservoirs of the Bazhenov formation. These technologies allow us to more accurately understand where and how best to produce oil, and to increase the accuracy of forecasting of oil.

The Bazhenov formation is one of the most promising Russian deposits. It is a horizon of rocks with a thickness of 10 to 100 meters, which lies in Western Siberia at depths of 2-3 thousand meters in the area of more than 1 million square meters. According to optimistic estimates of geologists, oil resources in the Bazhenov formation may reach 100-170 billion tonnes. However, the main complexity of development of these reserves is that they are unconventional and require the most modern technologies. However, “Gazprom Neft” showed that Russian engineers are able to develop new technologies.

The possibility of commercial extraction of this oil will strengthen the leading role of Russia in oil world market, allowing you to stay among the leaders in the production of hydrocarbons (Saudi Arabia and USA).

“Of course, this is an important and unique achievement, – said the newspaper LOOK President of the National Association of oil and gas services Victor Haiku. Gazprom Neft managed correctly and optimally combine existing and new technologies and equipment for obtaining a positive result at the Bazhenov formation. We begin to develop the necessary competence who has previously brought from foreign partners.”

“Gazprom oil” has made a breakthrough in this direction, I agree and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engineering company “2K” Ivan Andrievsky. However, according to him, it is too early to talk about the active development of shale production in Russia. “These technologies still need running-in, the test of time and prices. Shale is a unconventional extraction, which involves more expensive technological solutions. USA ran in these technologies for several years. And, apparently, Russian companies will also have to take this path,” he said.

However, there is a very significant difference from the Americans. “Domestic companies begin production of oil shale in conditions of low oil prices and, therefore, the technologies used will rely on today’s prices. That should make them more competitive,” – Andrievsky adds.

While yet in Russia the full cycle of domestic technologies for oil extraction from the Bazhenov formation. “However, many elements are already there. For example, for this project, all drilling, telemetry, drilling fluids, dalty service pipe, the shank was completely domestic. This is much – a few years ago about such even did not think,” says Victor Haiku.

This gives grounds to assume that Russia has all chances to cope with the task, despite the low oil prices and U.S. sanctions and the EU oil and gas technologies. In fact, these sectoral sanctions was intended to deprive Russia of the ability in the future to maintain oil production at current levels, to deprive it of the resource potential (as conventional deposits are exhausted).

However, the sanctions have pushed the government to take more seriously the need to develop a program of import substitution in the oil and gas industry. In particular, in the Ministry of industry has created specialized interagency working group the key areas where there is the creation of technologies for extraction of difficult hydrocarbons, horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing.

“In General, the market we have neftegazoservisnye companies that successfully operate using foreign equipment and technologies, and in some areas even more effectively and efficiently than the major foreign leaders,” says Haiku. – A number of service and manufacturing companies already engaged in the development of domestic analogues of foreign equipment, technology and software. As strange as it may seem to most, but a lot of support to our developers had the Western technological sanctions and ruble devaluation”.


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