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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The doctors said that music helps to cure cancer

American researchers representing the University halls of residence, said that music can help people recover from cancer, having a beneficial effect on his psychological state, and, consequently, to overall health. Scientists claim that some evidence of the positive impact of music therapy they were able to obtain experimentally.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts have for some time watched how listening to music affects the well-being of cancer patients, both in the short and in the long term. As a result, doctors say, they have found that music really helped more than 3 thousand of the study participants. Thus, according to the researchers, can benefit music of various genres, be it folk, country, classical music, jazz and so on.

By listening to music, patients were largely relieved of feelings of anxiety and fatigue, their blood pressure and respiratory rate were normal, and the mood was generally improved. In the same study participants rarely needed to anesthetics and pain medication — according to scientists, this is also manifested that is the impact of music. This, in turn, helped to create favorable conditions for recovery, and many people started to go on the mend faster.

The researchers acknowledge that the recognition of music therapy as an effective tool in the fight against truly dangerous diseases, it will require much additional research. However, they recommend that the staff of the hospitals use music as one of the important, albeit secondary, means for patient care.

Recently another group of researchers from Brussels free University, found that the human perception of taste of food and indirectly, including, and sounds — for example, the right music makes you perceive the beer more delicious.


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