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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The detention of the Russian in Armenia is looking for political subtext

The Yerevan court upheld the freedom of the programmer in Moscow Sergei Mironov, whom U.S. authorities suspected of illegal arms trade and money laundering. However, to leave Yerevan he is forbidden within 40 days it can still give in the United States. It is believed that the arrest Mironov lies the political background: the Yerevan expressed their anger Moscow.

On Monday, the court in Yerevan dismissed the petition of the state office of public Prosecutor on the temporary arrest of Russian citizen Sergei Mironov 40 days. Such a verdict is rendered the court of first instance of General jurisdiction of the Central administrative district and Nork-Marash the capital of Armenia.

“Still, despite the strong Armenian lobby in America, Russia is closer, and serious complications of relations with Russia in Armenia do not want”

Mironov was released in the court room and accompanied by a Russian diplomat and a lawyer has left the building. However, the Yerevan Prosecutor’s office may appeal this decision within five days.

According to “Interfax”, Mironov said he was satisfied with the decision of the court. And his wife Julia immediately said: Armenia proved that “is a good friend of Russia.” “We are back in Russia, but will definitely return to Armenia to organize our vacation, because this time we did not succeed”, – said Mironov.

However, Julia seems wishful thinking. President of the Russian-Armenian Association of lawyers “Armros” Ruben Kirakosyan said that the issue of extradition Mironov in the United States has not yet closed and will be resolved within 40 days, “before that Mironov will be on the loose, but in Yerevan”. “To address this issue he will not be able to leave Armenia”, – said Kirakosyan.

We will remind, 30-the summer Muscovite Sergey Mironov was detained on Friday at the international airport Yerevan Zvartnots. As told then wife, it all happened during passport control: “He is detained, is in the bullpen, and on Monday the court, to arrest and start investigation,” said Julia, adding: “he took all the things and handed them to me. After they took him in the bullpen. I was looking for a lawyer, addressed to the Consulate”.

The Armenian political scientist, Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute Sergey Minasyan, in turn, sees in the arrest Mironov purely procedural question. “Most likely, we are talking about formal bureaucratic procedure. There was a request from the United States, which reacted to the Prosecutor’s office, it took some time to understand the situation,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

However, the expert does not exclude that around the detention Mironov will still be based conspiracy theories, he himself does not see in the incident of a political or anti-Russian overtones.

Sat for another guy

However, the Russian political scientist, head of the analytical Bureau Alte Et Certe Andrey Epifantsev believes that the detention of a Russian citizen in Armenia has a blatant political subtext and indirectly connected with the case absolutely another prisoner in a different country – we are talking about taken into custody in neighboring Azerbaijan, a Russian citizen Marat Veldanova (Galustjan).

“In Armenia, let me remind you, launched a large-scale information campaign for the liberation Galustyan, whom the Azerbaijani authorities have detained on suspicion in manufacture and sale of drugs. Actively exaggerated the idea that the Russian foreign Ministry has made no efforts to release this man because of his Armenian nationality. This news is being actively discussed in the Armenian media and social networks, successfully hitting in the General wave of growing anti-Russian sentiment in Armenia”, – Epifantsev said the newspaper VIEW.

The expert believes that detaining and then releasing a Russian citizen, in Yerevan demonstrated Moscow’s own irritation. Meanwhile Epifantsev believes that someone in Armenia are seriously thinking about the extradition of Sergey Mironov in the United States. “Still, despite the strong Armenian lobby in America, Russia is closer, and serious complications of relations with Moscow in Yerevan do not want”, – he explained.

Suspected it a “second bout”

In operation on detention of the Russian was attended by the officers of the Armenian police. As explained in police, Mironov may is in the international wanted list at the request of the US committing crimes under several articles of the criminal code.” In particular, Americans suspected of ” violating the law on arms exports, an attempt to violate the law on export control of weapons, a preliminary agreement for money laundering and the laundering.

As explained detainee’s lawyer Karen Nersesyan, Mironov was also suspected in the illegal transfer of military technology. According to him, Mironov, working regular programmer and do not have access to any secrets. As have informed RIA “news” the representative of Synesis, Mironov is an employee of the Moscow office of the company. Russian-Belarusian company “sinezis” engaged in intelligent video surveillance systems and development of business intelligence based on computer vision. The technology allows to record and identify suspicious objects, and violations of the security without the direct involvement of operators. Among the partners of “Synesis” are the Moscow metro, Gazprom, the Federal penitentiary service (SIZO-4 in Moscow) and Belneftekhim. “Sinezis”, as reported on its website, is a resident of the innovation center “SKOLKOVO”.

The US state Department refused to disclose any details on the case.

“A stone’s throw of contention between Russia and Armenia”

Nevertheless, the detention Mironov has reacted to the Federation Council. The first Deputy Chairman of the Senate Committee on security and defense Franz Klintsevich before called the incident an attempt to “cover their jurisdiction the whole world.” In addition, in his opinion, Washington was intended “to throw a stone of contention between Russia and Armenia.”

A member of the Public chamber Elena sutormina called the detention Mironov violation of international norms, because the Americans had about their claims to report in Russia “in the relevant structures and organs of the Russian Federation”. “And demand that Interpol was realized that this detention on the basis of objective data,” sutormina said.

This is not the first recent case of detention of Russian citizen at the request of the United States. So, from the end of July Russian Dmitry Ukrainian arrested in Thailand. He is suspected of complicity in the theft of 28.5 million dollars from the credit cards of Americans. He himself denies his guilt.

In addition, last week a court in the United States recognized the Russian citizen Roman Seleznev guilty of fraud. Seleznev was arrested two years ago in malé international airport while on his way to Moscow. The U.S. secret service, forcibly put him on a plane to GUAM, and thence Seleznev was transferred to Seattle, Washington.

In December 2014, Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said that the United States organized systematic hunt for Russians around the world, but Moscow will continue to oppose Washington in the matter of the abduction of its citizens.

Moscow will try to avoid extradition Mironov in the United States, said on Monday by Konstantin Dolgov. “The Russian Embassy in Yerevan keeping the situation under control and does everything necessary to establish contact with lawyers, himself a Russian citizen. Still the story is not finished. Of course, working to prevent the extradition of a Russian citizen in the United States, so he returned home”, – said Dolgov TV channel “Russia-24”.


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