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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Armenians did not give the Russians the Americans

As it became known on 29 August, a Yerevan court rejected the petition of Prosecutor’s office about the arrest of the detainee at the request of the United States of a Russian citizen Sergei Mironov, accused by the Americans of money laundering and illegal arms exports. After the liberation Mironov, accompanied by the lawyer and the representative of the Russian Embassy left the courthouse. However, formally the issue of extradition Mironov in the USA, than continue to insist the Americans, is still open. But in fact he was not in favor of the United States.

photo: pixabay.com

The increasing practice of the United States to request for court on its territory alleged perpetrators are foreigners from all over the world almost the first time failed. The stumbling block became little Armenia, who in the manner of other countries “to take the salute and to carry out any, including the most absurd legal instructions from Washington. On Monday, the court of Yerevan unexpectedly for the Americans rejected the request of the public Prosecutor about the arrest of the detainee at the request of the United States of a Russian citizen Sergei Mironov, accused the American justice money laundering and illegal arms exports.

In the history Russian Mironov is a lot of uncertainty. Start with the fact that the Americans claim that announced that the Russians on the international wanted list in connection with the alleged serious crimes: money laundering and arms trafficking. However, Russian law enforcers claim that did not receive queries about finding Mironov. And the list of wanted persons on the official Interpol website, he also does not appear. But in spite of this a few days ago at the request of the U.S. Mironov was detained on the territory of Armenia, and after that, as did the Americans who were extradited to their country.

That all changed on August 29. On this day the decision of the court of Yerevan the request of the public Prosecutor about the arrest for 40 days Mironov was dismissed. However, the Prosecutor had the right to appeal this decision within five days. However, the Mironov before the end of this period, released from-under guards in a court hall. And right in front of the entrance to the building he was met by a car with Russian diplomatic plates, on which he served. So Americans, it seems, have to forget about the coveted extradition Mironov.

– Results of Russian citizens from the territory of our state and the Embassy of Russia, where, presumably, now is Sergei Mironov, according to international law and is the territory of Russia is impossible,- told “MK” a famous lawyer Oksana mikhalkina.– Russia does not extradite its citizens! However, if he committed a crime on the territory of another state, defined in our Criminal code as a criminal, and continues to be there, it may there be brought to criminal responsibility, albeit with the obligatory participation of Russian diplomats — employees of the Embassy or Consulate. But if after committing a crime in Armenia, he returned to Russia, you may be convicted and the laws of our country. While Armenia’s decision not to extradite a U.S. citizen of Russia, quite rightly!

– As regards the continuing US demands for the extradition of Russian citizens as a whole, the results of our citizens in the territory of third States perfect illegal and is not envisaged by any international legal norms. So by and large it is nothing like complete lawlessness!

– Recent events, including past Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, showed that the Americans in whatever was trying to position itself as the only superpower of the world. But Russia has repeatedly shown them their place on the globe, she said.


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