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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin has ignored the UN General Assembly not to meet with Obama

As confirmed on August 29, the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov, the head of state refused this year from the UN General Assembly. That is behind the decision of the Russian President not to go in September in new York, together with the “MK” was dealt with by leading experts in international law.

photo: kremlin.ru

– The decision of President Putin not to go to the UN General Assembly in new York, from my point of view, are the following two points,- has explained “MK” a famous political scientist, Deputy Director of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin.

First: if you go, then you have to meet with the current President Barack Obama. But such a meeting soon and already happens in China at the summit Big twenty, after which our country will have to prepare for the interaction with the new President of the United States. This President, though we would like it to be a tramp, most likely, will be a Clinton candidacy is not quite convenient. But what can you do: for this we have to prepare. As for Obama, if we had with US now a good relationship, our President could come and say goodbye to him. But these relations are far from good and, rather, can be characterized as mutual mistrust on all major issues, be very difficult, ongoing negotiations on Syria or not advancing the issue of Ukraine. So in that respect is no point in going to new York no.

He’s not in another relationship. The UN General Assembly have to go with something new. However, the position of our country on all the key contemporary challenges is well known and it is unlikely for the remaining time will undergo major changes, which could be presented to the public.

Of course, some adjustments happen all the time — for example, in the same Syria. But they are not global, and private and usually not voiced by the head of state and Minister of foreign Affairs. In addition, the interaction of our country with other participants in the process, if we are talking about this region, is extremely difficult and not with predictable results. Recent friends, as we’ve seen recently, we can sometimes almost enemies, and Vice versa. To make that complexity to the UN General Assembly would be at least strange. So from this point of view there is no need to go there.

– I would not attach too much importance to the issue of personal interaction presidents of Russia and the USA – said “MK” senior researcher of the sector of internal and external policy of the USA, Institute of world economy and international relations, Victoria Zhuravleva.- It seems to me, is not the main factor because in the event they could not meet separately, limiting global issues in formal meetings. Do not forget that the possibility to evade from the direct communication they have: could they previously do a two-minute Protocol communication.

However, with someone from the invited leaders of other States should meet, always decides the host of the event — in this case Obama. In this case, one can hypothesize that, take it the decision not to communicate with our President, he would fall into an awkward position. But now both leaders have already been through that phase when they were not talking to each other. So a “Hello” between them would be fine, and no embarrassment would not have happened. So the reason I don’t think Obama, and some other factors, however, is unknown to me.


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