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Friday, February 16, 2018

“Paradise” Konchalovsky and “Stalker” Tarkovsky will represent Russia in Venice

31 August on the Italian island of Lido opened the 73rd Venice film festival. His main competition involved the film “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky and Yulia Vysotskaya in the title role. In another competitive section — the “Venice classics” — September 3 will show a restored “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Frame from the movie “Polina”. Photo: courtesy of Aleksey Guskov.

According to the selector of the Venice film festival, Peter Shepotinnik, the decision regarding the participation of “Stalker” and “Paradise” was made instantly. Russia for the fourth time is the picture in the “Venice classics”, existing since 2012. First it involved tape “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, “I step through Moscow” and “Alexander Nevsky”. It consists of masterpieces of former years, and assesses their student jury. This year marks 30 years since the death of Andrei Tarkovsky, so no one questions why the “Stalker” coming to Venice. He will compete with the movies “Manhattan” woody Allen, “Seven samurai” by Akira Kurosawa, “Money” Robert Bresson and the other paintings. Italy will present during the festival, the restored “black Eyes” by Nikita Mikhalkov with Marcello Mastroianni, taken in 1987 jointly by the USSR and Italy.

“Stalker” Tarkovsky filmed in 1979 at the Studio “Mosfilm”, based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers “roadside picnic”. Now the film is restored on the same “Mosfilm”. The CEO of the film Studio Karen Shakhnazarov says:

— Our experts have restored a “Mirror”, “Solaris”, “Andrei Rublev”, Tarkovsky’s picture, the copyright holders which we are, with the exception of “Ivanov of the childhood”. This is done in the name of preserving films for future generations. Restoration is a laborious and expensive process, not to be confused with the numbering. Frame-by-frame restoration of “Ivan the terrible” Eisenstein took six months. We are doing this at their own expense. The us government does not give money. “Ivan the terrible” at a cost of 80 thousand dollars. “Stalker” is cheaper because it is a picture of a later time. Its restoration cost about 40 thousand dollars.

Not to say that restoration of old paintings — big business: only at the “Mosfilm” restored about 70 paintings. “Ivan the terrible” looks better than when it was removed Eisenstein. Restoration adds modernity to the old paintings. When we made “Andrei Rublev”, the operator Vadim Yusov and said, “you Have such an image about which we only dreamed, but was unable to achieve.” In Europe restored paintings released. Our distributors do not show interest in them. The main TV channels except “Culture”, and all commercial free even we do not take Tarkovsky…

— Why we failed to restore “Ivan’s childhood”, when something awarded the Venice festival?

— The film is based on garycooper film. Although the rights for it belong to the “Mosfilm”, all original materials are in Gosfilmofond, in the White Pillars. New copy have to do with negativity, and this is used to transfer the film to digital, then brush each frame… At “Mosfilm” it is possible to scan film, but we are unable to give it, because it is based on highly sensitive film which can collapse. With the film “Ivan’s childhood” can only work in Gosfilmofond, but there are problems with scanning.

September 3 in the program “Days of Venice” will show the French film “Pauline”. Its events take place in 90-e years in Moscow. 8-year-old Pauline dreams of becoming a ballerina and dance at the Bolshoi theatre. She has been in the prestigious school of Professor Oginskogo, played by Alexei Guskov. In 18 years, she will meet the French dancer, who will open the world of modern dance, and it will change her life forever.

Here is what the “MK” Alexey Guskov:

— “Pauline” was filmed world-class choreographer Preljocaj Angelin, head of the theatre and schools in Provence, along with his wife Valerie high sensitive GAMM beta. The core of the film is a French comic book, which is known in every French family and girls, and grandmothers. The main role was played by a graduate of the Vaganova school Anastasia Shevtsova. The first season she works at the Mariinsky theatre. I played first teacher Polina — disgraced dancer Oginskogo, a kind of incarnation of Baryshnikov or Godunov, who sought new forms in the period of stagnation. He was expelled from the Bolshoi theater, and he now teaches gifted children in a private school. The film starred French actress Juliette Binoche.


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