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Friday, March 16, 2018

ISIS militants aktiviziruyutsya already on the territory of the former USSR

ISIS militants aktiviziruyutsya already on the territory of the former USSR

October 6, 2014, 17:50

Text: Artur Priymak,
Yaroslav Turov


Security services will strengthen the work of intelligence network to warn of possible terrorist attacks in the Republic, announced in Tashkent. Previously, the Taliban and the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan has announced about the joining the ISIS movement. Experts fear that, having received financial support from Syria, the terrorists aktiviziruyutsya not only in Uzbekistan but throughout Central Asia.

Uzbekistan’s law enforcement bodies are forced to take action due to the fact that the terrorist group “Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) has announced the addition of the militants of the “Islamic state” (also known as a movement ISIS), reported RIA “Novosti” on Monday, an anonymous source from law enforcement agencies in Tashkent.

“First of all, the improvement of the network of agents, – said the representative of law enforcement agencies. – We must be proactive, a few steps forward”. The source also added: there is evidence that GOING now stepped up the recruitment and training of militants in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

About the decision of the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan to accede to the terrorists who operate in Syria and Iraq, it became known on Friday, when “Radio Azattyk” has issued a statement of the leader of the GO-Usmon Ghazi. And on August 28 at the bridge in YUNUSABAD district of Tashkent by unknown hung the flag of the IG. The police came to the conclusion that the action is likely the work of loners. How then transferred by “Interfax”, the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, stressed that the organizers did not achieve any results. According to speakers at the interior Ministry, the majority of citizens of the Republic flag of ISIS is just a piece of cloth with obscure letters as to read Arabic in the Republic know how many.

Recall that ARE actually already turned into one of the units of the Taliban. The user has only the wing of the Pakistani Taliban expressed support for the “Islamic state” and readiness to provide their fighters to fight for the establishment of a world Caliphate.

Kyrgyzstan is also under threat

Recall that the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan was founded in the early 1990-ies of the radical Islamists by Tahir Yuldashev and Juma namanganiy, ethnic Uzbeks, natives of Fergana valley participating in the civil wars in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Organization, the original purpose of which was to overthrow the regime of Islam Karimov and the creation in Central Asia of a Sharia state, has established contacts with the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The militants ARE based in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The headquarters of the movement until 2002 was considered the Afghan Kandahar. After the beginning of the American operations in Afghanistan ARE relocated on the Afghan-Pakistani border region of Waziristan, where the Taliban’s position is still strong.

The peak movement occurred in 2003 and early 2004, when the Islamists had organized a number of terrorist attacks in Kyrgyzstan. Russia, Central Asian countries and also the USA admitted GOING to a terrorist organization. Three months ago, the Chinese Agency, Xinhua, issued a statement of Usmon Ghazi that ARE taking responsibility for the attack on the international airport in Karachi, Pakistan.

According to experts, the risk is not only Uzbekistan. “For us, the experts on Islam, was a surprise the speed with which spreads instability in the middle East. There is also the threat of returning fighters of the “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” in Kyrgyzstan”, – quotes KGinform Kadyr Malikov, head of the Republican analytical center “Religion, law and politics”.

In late September, speaking at a conference in Bishkek, Malikov, in particular, said: on the border of Afghanistan and former Soviet Central Asia there is a concentration of soldiers COMING. “Kyrgyzstan may face destabilization”, – said Malikov. Also, according to him, under the threat of the Fergana valley of Uzbekistan. That IG is one of the main external threats for Kyrgyzstan, also recognized the chief of the General staff of the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan Asanbek of Alymkojoev.

“There is no fear of regular compounds.”

As said the newspaper VIEW, the Uzbek expert Bakhtiyar Babadjanov, senior research fellow, Institute of Oriental studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the IMU now be typed in the middle East combat experience, then to apply it at other points, particularly at home.

“We know that some of the militants ARE in the 90-ies fought in Chechnya, – says the analyst. – Worst of all, they are open to financial sources, this only increases the danger for Uzbekistan”. According to Babadjanov street, in connection with the Alliance GOING and the “Islamic state” Uzbekistan’s special services have to be alert.

According to Babadjanov, in quantitative terms, ARE hardly a serious threat to Uzbekistan, because if anything against them will immediately put forward a regular military unit. According to the orientalist, the troops of Uzbekistan has repeatedly proven its willingness and ability to confront such groups. “They are a dangerous force in combat experience. This means that they have no fear of shots, an open fight with regular connections, – said the expert. – In addition, in any case they can go to Afghanistan and from there to threaten us.”

According to the expert, due to the fact that the “updated” GOING there will be new sources of funding, they can get used to the eternal status of “soldier of fortune” and, as a consequence, become a plaything in the hands of external players.

But the hypothesis that certain geopolitical forces can use GOING to overthrow the regime of Islam Karimov, Babadjanov questioned. “I don’t think that Islam Karimov is uncomfortable to Americans, since the President of Uzbekistan was able to find with US common language – said Babadjanov. – The fact that not all foreign the game is obvious and predictable”.

The breeding ground for jihadism

As previously wrote the newspaper VIEW, ARE long-acting and in Russia. In particular, the former field commander ARE Alisher Usmanov, a native of Namangan in 1996, he founded in Kazan halakat (cell) of the terrorist organization “Hizb-ut-Tahrir. This halakat then “spread” in the Volga region and the Urals. The breeding ground for the ideas of the terrorist movement in Russia were mainly migrants from Central Asia.

“There are a lot of precedents, when the flow of migrants from Central Asia in Russia came the ideology of radical Islam,” – said the newspaper VIEW Islamic scholar Rais Suleimanov, the expert of Institute of national strategy. The expert reminded about the Namangan native Alisher Usmanov.

“The gunman in the 90s not just was able to settle down in Tatarstan, but was able to get a teacher in Kazan madrasah, where he worked until his arrest,” recalled Suleymanov. In Novy Urengoy, as said the scholar, was a follower of Usmanov named Isomiddin Akbarov, Wahhabi from Uzbekistan. Akbarov, like Usmanov, could be Russia’s legal servant of Islam, the Imam of the mosque of the city of Novy Urengoy. 10 Oct 2010 the Imam Akbarov was shot dead by unknown. But the fact of the Imam of the Wahhabi soon promised to continue his son, Muhammad Akbar, reminds Suleymanov, and, according to him, such precedents in the Muslim world Russia, unfortunately, a lot.

Speaking specifically about GO, the expert also added: now, in addition to GO, allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi swore the entire Pakistani Taliban. “There is a fear that after GOING to the IG to join the majority of the existing Islamist groups, in particular the “Caucasus Emirate” – said Suleymanov. Personally, I am afraid that soon Russia will have armed supporters of the “Islamic state”.


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