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Friday, March 23, 2018

In September Muscovites will see a lunar Eclipse

The most interesting astronomical phenomenon awaiting residents of Russia and other CIS countries in the near September, will be a penumbral Eclipse of the moon, which in the case of favorable weather conditions can be observed on September 16. As reported by the Moscow planetarium, on the same day you get the full moon.

photo: pixabay.com

Penumbral lunar Eclipse implies that the only natural satellite of our planet will be in the region of space in which the Earth only partially obscures the Sun. The satellite will not fall into the cone of shadow cast by the Earth, which do not get any sunlight, so during an Eclipse the Moon is only slightly darker than usual, and the naked eye to see it will be quite difficult. However, if the sky on the night of September 17 will be clear, visitors will be able to observe polucheniem Eclipse of the moon from 19:54 to 23:52 Moscow time.

1 September will happen the second this year of a solar Eclipse, but in the Moscow planetarium noted that it — again, weather permitting — will be able to see only those who in this day would be in Africa or in Madagascar. We are talking about the annular Eclipse means that the Moon will be too far from Earth and will not be able to cover the Sun completely, leaving around itself a bright “ring”.

Among other astronomical events, the so-called rapprochement of the moon with mercury, Venus and Jupiter on 2 September.

On 22 September we will have the autumnal equinox in the Northern hemisphere and spring in the South. In this day, throughout the Land, in addition to its polar regions, day and night are nearly equal in duration (due to the optical characteristics of the atmosphere of the Earth the light of the day this day still lasts longer dark.


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