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Friday, March 23, 2018

Ekaterina Durova rehabilitated Bok

The theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the first season had opened, had already report in two parts. However, on the Small stage, but in this case size does not matter. The latter played the other day — a contemporary play about a character, well known to the Russian citizens since childhood. In the spotlight — famous household maniac Bok. She played Catherine Durov.

photo: Alexey Vasiliev

This sweet, sweet Bok (Ekaterina Durova).

First thought — my daughter is very like his father. Idea the second — the daughter of the father answer? But first things first.

In a small space from the huge number of furniture seems very crowded. Wardrobe, watches, gramophone, wardrobe again again the clock, but a smaller bookcase with cute small things — this furniture warehouse by the efforts of the artist of Faith Nikol turned into an apartment Bok oddly comfortable, despite the clutter. No, no, no, no corpulent Busty aunt in her apron, and with a low voice Faina Ranevskaya, don’t wait: here lives a skinny, a baggy sundress indeterminate color creation with red hair gathered on her head in a bun. Plastic despondency (arms dangling and shoulders are lowered), but no depression and this figure does not carry.

Sit down at the microphone and talk to someone invisible, and of the first replicas it is possible to guess that we are talking about a television or radio programme in which, perhaps, the creature called. Voice quiet, eyes sly glances in the hall, which is close, and the intimacy that attractive, and dangerous for any actor, is a red-haired create just what is necessary.

“The true story of Patrick” is a solo performance based on the play of playwright Oleg Mikhailov, Russian, recently received Ukrainian citizenship. His play in 2013 no politics as can be assumed, on the basis of his biography, no — and thank God. He explains the story of the play: “once we started talking with a friend (he’s a psychiatrist) about the stories about Carlson. Me in our conversation caught the words of a friend that the most poignant and humanly understandable character from Lindgren is Bok. And that her life was hardly fun. And this thought imperceptibly began to germinate in me, then began to appear some details, and at some point it became clear that nowhere to retreat — we need to sit down and write”.

Essay on tales Lindgren well that is not a paraphrase, its modern perusal. Moreover, by the middle of the action begin to feel some anxiety: and whether there will be in General the same household maniac, the Kid and his rather chubby friend with a propeller on the back just above the butt? No word, no hint of fairytale characters — only the story of a lonely and, in General, is not very happy ladies from childhood to… there is no Death, though about her speech, but the thread of the narrative is quite elegantly embroiders and fate, and time, neatly summing up the most coveted domomuchitelnitsu.

photo: Alexey Vasiliev

Look, yeah, no, it not household maniac, and thanks to the actress, my dear, handsome, a lifetime to think about others. But not the sufferer, and with a good sense of humor and irony. Hence the shifty eyes, the pause that allows the viewer to fantasize, to imagine, how it could possibly be. And with the Baby was so: Bok worked in a mental hospital, where they brought a boy who talked in a strange language, and his mother, for this reason terribly worried. So quietly Bok came to the topic of special children — the Kid from this category. But then left because I remembered her husband, with whom at the end of life was a happy one, and they in his old age painted his life that played in TV, where he is leading and she is the star, witty, but touching, telling and understanding about life. The circle is closed.

Director (Egor Arsenov) is not visible, because the spectacle is an actress who, it seemed, nothing plays: lives quietly, but excitingly, merged with her character. A brilliant a benefit the role — in General, the daughter of the father said with dignity.


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