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Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump pounding on his Republican majority in Congress under threat

“Inspired by” the absurdities of presidential candidates from the Republican party, Donald trump, the Democrats circulate a list of their rivals in the House of representatives of Congress, which they are going to shift in the upcoming elections. Now the Republican majority in Congress for 30 plus places in the House of representatives. The Democrats intend to seize control of the House, if trump will continue its dangerous to “party Elephant” nonsense.

The unpopularity of trump, which had already undermined the power of the Republican party in the Senate, now threatened by Republican lawmakers, even in traditional conservative areas. This is reported by strategists and officials in both parties, who are fighting for control of the house of representatives.

Democrats especially seduces decreasing support trump in the rich suburbs, including those near Kansas city, San Diego, Orlando and Minneapolis. Generally, these sites usually the Republicans win easily. But trump is so not like the voters having higher education, especially white women, he risks losing by double-digit figures some of the areas that the nominee of the 2012 Republican party, MITT Romney won with more comfort.

“I’ve got a strange situation. We, Republicans, should be much stronger in many suburbs, says Congressman Charlie dent, electoral area that includes suburbs and small towns. But due to the fact that we have a nominee for the presidency trump, those areas that were to be our course, become adversarial”.

Some Democrats say that their party is positioned at the moment, with its goal of seizing control of the house of representatives, where Republicans now have the most impressive most has for 87 years. The polls are so divided that the Republicans have a powerful structural advantage even in current circumstances, when the candidate deals them a blow in the back.

But Republicans are also trying to take pretty strong action against trump. He kind of carries along with him to the bottom of marine candidates from their party. Many of the strategists involved in the campaign for control of Congress say that some Republicans are going to start the campaign in the light of which the trump is exposed as the losing candidate, and they as a barrier against Hillary Clinton.

In addition, the Republican candidates and some Republican groups are also televised attack against Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California and leader of the democratic minority in the house of representatives. It is unpopular in many polling stations in your state that have critical importance.

The stakes are high. If trump loses the presidential race and if with it will sink into the past the majority of Republicans in the Senate, the only line of defense in Washington, the Republicans will remain a house of representatives. Although the Democrats are trying to understate their possible victory in the house of representatives, in private meetings, they draw battle plans for the capture of the Congress.

It motivates donors. Last month Democrats collected $ 12 million, but the Republicans only 4.6 million Is a pretty significant difference, considering that the Finance charge is always dominant party that controls Congress.

Ms. Pelosi said on his email that the academic study of the question of capturing the majority in Congress shows the dependence of the victory and the quirks of the President of the trump.

During a meeting in July in California, Ms. Pelosi and representative Ben ray Lujan, Congressman from the state of new Mexico, gave a presentation to donors and outlined his plans to capture new seats in the house of representatives.

Democratic strategist Alexandria LEP, who runs the “super PAC” focused on the race for seats in Congress, told a group of Democrats that even Bergern County in the state of new Jersey, is now occupied by Scott garret, is an example of a Republican electoral precinct where Democrats can win.

Both parties also keep under review the place of conservatives in Indiana and Minnesota, where now occupying positions in Congress or are about to retire, or to fight for other government posts. Republicans fear that trump has zamutil party brand, and therefore, the prospects for future congressmen from these States are quite significant.

Congressman Adam Schiff from California, who participated in the work of the group Pelosi said that “the winning of the majority — achievable task, thanks to Mr. Trump.”

However, the Democrats also have weaknesses that prevent them to capture 30 seats in the house of representatives. They continue to stagnate in one place in rural polling stations and at polling stations workers workers. In addition, some of the polling stations can’t afford for the Democrats.

Republican Comstock, who was elected in Northern Virginia, expresses deep dissatisfaction with the behavior of Donald trump. “She is trying to dance on the tip of the needle, maneuvering behavior of Donald trump,” said another Republican legislator, Ms. Benner. I don’t know whether it has the political courage that we need in our leaders.”

The tip of the needle is highly questionable springboard for election victory. It’s sometime in the middle ages the clergy were arguing: how many angels can fit on the tip of the needle. As for the Republican candidates for Congress, lacking sanctity, medieval angels, they depend on how their balances or Vice versa, faces with their needles, their leader, Donald trump.


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