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Friday, January 19, 2018

The black hole managed to create in the laboratory

Israeli physicist Jeff Steinhauer created a small-size analog of a black hole capable of swallowing the sound. The scientist explains that artificially created object in its properties quite similar to “real” black holes, to monitor allowed to practice to check the information about them for a long time represented only a number of theories.

photo: pixabay.com

The black hole was created in the environment in which the temperature close to absolute zero, exceeding it by only one billionth of a degree — such state of matter is called “condensate Bose-Einstein”. The first scientists who managed to get the Bose condensate, in practice, was awarded the Nobel prize in physics 2001. In the new experiment through this Wednesday sent a rubidium laser, created the region of supersonic motion.

In the course of the experiment the scientist got the results are in good agreement with previously obtained theoretical calculations. In particular, the experts were able to observe a process similar to the famous “Hawking radiation” and allows black holes gradually “evaporate.” For a long time it was assumed that different objects can only fall into a black hole, but not to leave her, however, with the development of quantum physics were the development of an alternative hypothesis, and, reportedly, a new study has shown that the so-called Hawking effect does exist.

The researcher observed the formation of the event horizon created a “black hole” pairs of quantum entangled particles, one of which later started to “fall” into the object, and the other, on the contrary, moving away from her. According to scientists, around these black holes undergo a similar process, although to observe them directly in the same way as for the artificial object in the laboratory is not yet possible.

The results of the study published in the journal Nature Physics.


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