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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ready markets for war

World war ruble or the dollar announced the defense Ministry? The question is ambiguous. The main military Department of the country said that part of the Federal Executive authorities and enterprises OPK transferred to work in wartime”. This will affect the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of industry and trade, the reserve and the Central Bank. In the southern and Central military districts and the Northern fleet will put them on a war footing, to make sure they are ready for the most severe events. In the ministries and agencies hope that the world will be no war, and the activities undertaken by the Ministry of defence, will be a tough test, but will not go beyond the required exam.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The state for the first time in recent history, conducts a review of the economic block of the government in terms of possible military actions on the territory of the country. In particular, it was planned to hold a series of mobilization activities such civilian agencies as the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of industry and trade, the reserve and the Bank of Russia.

But not across the country, but only in those districts where planned exercises in the southern and Central military districts and in the Northern fleet.

The test will be worked out the conscription of citizens from the reserve supplies of civilian technology to military units and the formation of territorial defense.

Field offices of the Central Bank for the first time since the beginning of 2000-ies will deal with financial support apart from permanent deployment sites.

One of the most important tasks that need to be addressed, as this is how you will directly be calculated before the soldiers. Remember the story. The first field of military banking institutions appeared in Russia during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 years. It was established the so-called “field offices” that the place of combat military personnel were given a salary.

This method of calculation is recalled in 1937. These agencies and field offices of the state Bank was assigned the following functions: settlement of accounts between the mod and enterprises and organizations in various industries, services, defence, allocation and custody of funds of military units, the provision of salaries and allowances. In fact, the practice successfully acted in the great Patriotic war — it was called “money certificates,” which could get not only themselves but also their relatives.

Of course, as the domestic financial structure will serve the Russian military or summoned representatives of ministries and financial agencies during this exercise — now in the public departments refuse to tell — they say it’s a state secret.

However, the experience of field work in the employees of the Central Bank there — they served the troops during the fighting in the North Caucasus.

However, at present the field units of the Central Bank shall be governed by special regulations to be approved by joint decision of the Central Bank and the Ministry of defense.

As told “MK” the representatives of the audited agencies is that they don’t fully understand what they require. In particular, in one of the financial institutions said that the device has long existed “the Department of field institutions that have long and successfully fulfills such matters. “What exactly does this Department, nobody knows. But everyone understands that its existence is regulated by the current legislation”, — explained the interlocutor of “MK”.

According to the former Chairman of the Central Bank Konstantin Korischenko, similar rules existing in each Ministry. They just are not advertised and are only used in appropriate cases. Senior researcher of the laboratory of structural research, Institute of applied economic research, Ranepa Mikhail Khromov said that actually the biggest secret it is not. Such actions are in fact produced in response to the sanctions.

“Of course no war to declare we will not. And martial law is not the same. But the officials sitting on chairs in classrooms, you need at least to feel the weight of the pistol or machine gun, is useful. Moreover, to calculate the salary of a soldier when all ATMs bombed or not working for other reasons. So military training for bankers — manna from heaven. Additional studies, second paid vacation or just a moral challenge burdened by accounting nerve. Which, according to some doctors, it is impossible to fill,” said Khromov.

It is possible that such exercises will become maybe not annual but traditional. Perhaps that is why many Bank Universities recreated the war Department.


Paul Segal,

first Vice-President of OPORA Russia:

“No”is to accept the test of the structural units of the Ministry of communications, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of industry and trade, Federal Agency for state reserves and the Central Bank’s readiness to function in conditions of war, as a preparation to the beginning. The fact that even after the imposition of sanctions against Russia discussed the shutdown of the Russian financial system from the SWIFT system, it was then and there was a need for a full-scale check of work of the ministries and the Central Bank to ensure that robots of the financial system in war or tense situation.

The main task of the ministries and the Central Bank to continue to provide the economic block of the country, even when different communications systems for Russian companies and banks was disabled or hampered. According to our estimates, in 2014 the Ministry and the Central Bank was not really prepared for such conditions of work, now is precisely the run-in measures that were developed in mid-2014”.


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